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Ten of Wands + Burdens


You are doing too much!!

Today I will not worry about what other people are doing because what is meant for me will never miss me. Today I am focusing on my own sh$t. Today I am focusing on my goals. Today I am focusing on my vision. Today I release all struggle. Today I surrender all stress. Today I surrender all heavy burdens. Today I surrender and release this cross that I have been carrying. Today I will make amends for the ways I have been unreliable and undependable. Today I surrender all procrastination. Today I release all that I cannot carry. Today I will know that their suffering is not mine to hold.



🪬 DECK: Melanated Classic Tarot Deck by @oubria #melanatedclassictarot



Ten of Wands (reversed)

The Ten of Wands reversed represents problems on the home front. These are life‘s troubles, life struggles, confirmation that you are carrying a heavy burden right now. This is a sign that you are physically, emotionally and spiritually carrying too much. And all that you are carrying feels more like a burden than a blessing. You worry too much about what other people are doing. You worry too much about what others will say. You have been comparing yourself. You have been hard on yourself. You have been too busy tending to other people’s shi$t and not nearly enough time working on your own. It’s time to worry about your life. It’s time to focus on your goals. You are doing the most. Yes it’s true, you have great responsibility, however when you focus on what’s important to you know that your hard work will be rewarded.

Be careful! You are being warned about being paralyzed. You are being warned about carrying too much. You are being warned that you are having trouble holding shit down because of fear, lack, or your own insecurity. Are you on overload? Are you on overdrive? Are you juggling all these balls in the air and focusing on nothing? Your shit feels like it’s about to combust. You are juggling everything in the air and dropping every single one. It’s it’s time for a reset. It’s time for you to focus on what is really important to you.


UPRIGHT: hard work, dedication, intense, focus, sacrifice, submission, willpower, struggle, reward, struggling, overextending, feeling burdened

REVERSED: undependable, stressed out, procrastination, unfocused, without intention, overwhelmed

The answer to your question today is NO

The element is FIRE

The planet they rule: SATURN

Sign and energy they move with: SAGITTARIUS

Number: 10, 1


I am committed to doing one thing at a time. Someone else’s emergency is not my emergency. Someone else’s problem is not my responsibility to fix. I am centering ritual in my life. I am centering my health. I am centering rest. I am saying no more. I do what is important to me always.


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I love you,



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