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La Santera Weekly Reading & Tarot Meditation Oct. 9-15, 2023

🔮✨ Welcome to your La Santera Weekly Reading & Tarot Meditation for October 9 through October 15! ✨🔮

Whenever it is that you come across this reading know that the message always arrive right on time.

As we step into this new week, let's harness the energy of the universe and dive deep into our spiritual journey. Join me in a sacred space of reflection and meditation as we navigate the path ahead. 🌟

🌙 Weekly Reading: Discover the insights and guidance that the cards hold for us this week. The Tarot is a powerful tool to illuminate our path, and together, we will unlock its wisdom. Use the cards pulled for your weekly reading to meditate on or as journal prompts. Share in the comments what comes up for you this week.

🧘🏾‍♀️ Tarot Meditation: Let us find peace and clarity utilizing the tarot.

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May this week be one of growth, healing, and transformation. 🌈💫

EIGHT OF PENTACLES Monday Your hard work is paying off. You have finally committed yourself to mastery and honoring your craft, and because of this, recognition awaits. Continue being diligent. Continue tending to the work. Continue showing up. Continue to work hard. Continue to stay with it. Continue to trust your process. Not all money is good money. Money isn’t what’s important right now. At this point the payoff is found in everything you’ve done in between in order to prepare you for where you’re headed. There is nothing, there is no one obstructing you. Continue to focus on mastery. Continue to focus on your practice. There is something very specific that is working well for you. Keep doing THAT! It has taken you a long time to get here, and you have finally found that thing that works for you. Continue to embrace your journey of self-discovery and inner development, remember to practice persistence and patience. ACE OF CUPS Tuesday Welcome Ace of Cups! We receive you. We receive the overflowing love you are bringing to us this week. We receive the overflowing abundance. We receive all the ways that love is coming to us. We embrace the love that that closest send and are pouring into us and are pouring love right back into them. Today we are talking about reciprocity at its finest. This is a confirmation that yes, you are entering a new phase. This is a message of heightened emotional awareness and deep, lasting connections. Open your heart to love. Open your heart to creativity. Open your heart to the ways your spirit guides have been sending you serendipitous messages and signs as to which way to go. There could be someone new entering your life or you are giving yourself over completely to the loving partnership you are currently in. Your cup runneth over. The Ace of Cups represents a fresh start, a new beginning… be receptive… pay attention. Don’t reject the blessings. If your heart is hurting today, or you find yourself in a season of mourning perhaps it’s time for you to consider a change in scenery, a fresh start. Begin again and surrender past hurts. Perhaps it’s time to surrender the old grudges. You are in your spiritual awakening. So why would you want to stay asleep? It’s your renewal. You are mending your heart so allow for this love to overflow from you and be felt everywhere you go and with everyone you come in contact with. This is going to be a really important week for you so be receptive to the Spiritual insights and emotions that are coming to you, because finally you are connected to your higher self. SIX OF PENTACLES Wednesday The six of pentacles represents balance. Today’s a good day for you to ask for assistance. You don’t need to do it alone. The six of pentacles is connected to your finances, and is calling for a balanced distribution of wealth. Meditate on what equilibrium looks like for you with regard to your finances. How are you spending it? Are you giving back? How you ask for assistance from the universe is based on the spiritual principle, THE UNIVERSE always provides. Not sometimes. All the time. Don’t be afraid to invest in you. Don’t be afraid to ask. The six of pentacles is pointing you towards spiritual generosity and is encouraging you to share your spiritual wealth and knowledge with others. If you have been learning under a teacher or a mentor perhaps it’s time for you to share what you know with those who could benefit from your assistance. Be mindful of the importance of giving and receiving especially within the spiritual community, by helping others on their journey, you are also enriching your own.


Thursday So today might be a day you’re experiencing some pain, physically or emotionally. The cards are telling us that you’re going through a rough and challenging season. But also, the 10 of swords reminds us that you are reaching the end of this experience. This is the end of this lesson. You have reached the end of this season. Now you are ready to release what doesn’t serve you. You are ready to embrace this fresh start. You are ready for the new beginning that awaits—if you so choose. You are healing. It’s time to remove the swords from your back, one at a time. Today you to are being called to meditate on how you can release all of the negativity, all of the past pain, all of the judgment, all of the hurt, all of the betrayal, all of the grudges, and all of the toxic relationships that have been suffocating you. Can you visualize yourself cutting ties with negativity? Can you visualize yourself cutting ties with negative people from your life (past and present)? Are you ready to cut ties with the old hurts and embrace this new beginning? How can you allow yourself to be open to a new relationship and healthier connections if you are still holding onto your past and don’t believe you are worthy of love?

FIVE OF SWORDS IN REVERSE Friday The five of swords represents the need for resolution. The power struggle, the need to be right the constant arguing. Finally, you have decided to put the swords down. This week you are being called to find harmony in your life. Harmony in your home. Harmony in all of your relationships. Can you seek compromise? Can you avoid unnecessary battles? Can you cooperate for the good of everyone involved? In terms of spirituality, this is a beautiful message, validating and affirming precisely where you are in this moment. You’re moving away from this inner conflict and competition. You have surrendered ego-driven battles and are embracing a more balanced life. The moment you let go of your need to be right and focus on unity with others you move towards liberation and wholeness. Nothing can take your peace. No one can take your peace of you don’t let them. SIX OF SWORDS Saturday Today the energy is pointing us towards transition and healing. Some of you might be in a Mourning period. And some of you may find yourself coming out of a dark season. Yet, no matter where you are, there is one constant, you are free. Nothing has a hold on you. You’re finally moving away from a difficult situation, and towards a more peaceful and stable future. The six of swords is a card of hope and guidance, letting you know that there’s always light at the end of the tunnel. You are going on a journey and this journey requires that you go alone. Also, the six of swords reminds you that the only thing you need at this point is faith. Spiritually, you are on the path of inner healing and personal growth, so leave behind the emotional baggage. Trust that you are being guided towards a brighter, more peace-filled future. FIVE OF WANDS IN REVERSE Sunday This week the energy has been all over the place. You have the spiritual tools but sometimes you forget when or how to use them. Which is why you keep finding yourself in a very familiar place. The Five of Wands suggests a release of this inner conflict and competition. You are only hurting you. The constant message this week is your need for harmony. What does a harmonious life look like for you? If it looks like the days you’ve been having—good luck with that! This week you are encouraged to let go of ego-driven battles and work with others toward common goals. Spiritual reflection: how can you connect to inner peace and harmony? You are ready to let go of ego-driven battles and embrace a more tranquil and balanced state of mind. Let go of the need to prove yourself or compete with others on the spiritual path. This week May you focus on inner alignment, collaboration, and mutual support as you expand spiritually.


Luz y progreso,


Here is your five reading this week.

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ALICIA ANABEL SANTOS: Initiated Lucumi Iyalorisha Priestess, diviner, and esoteric with 17+ years of tarot reading experience. An Afrolatina Lesbian Storyteller, Performance Artist, Filmmaker, Producer, Playwright, Public Speaker, Activist, and Writing Midwife, celebrating and honoring Black and indigenous women across the diaspora. Proud Dominican Writer, Founder of Sankofa Sisterhood Writers Group, and owner of LASANTERA.NYC, an online Metaphysical Shop & Botanica. 🌟🔮✨


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