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La Santera Weekly Reading & Tarot Meditation Oct. 23-29, 2023

🔮✨ Welcome to your La Santera Weekly Reading & Tarot Meditation for October 23 through October 29! ✨🔮

Whenever it is that you come across this reading know that the message always arrive right on time.

As we step into this new week, let's harness the energy of the universe and dive deep into our spiritual journey. Join me in a sacred space of reflection and meditation as we navigate the path ahead. 🌟

🌙 Weekly Reading: Discover the insights and guidance that the cards hold for us this week. The Tarot is a powerful tool to illuminate our path, and together, we will unlock its wisdom. Use the cards pulled for your weekly reading to meditate on or as journal prompts. Share in the comments what comes up for you this week.

🧘🏾‍♀️ Tarot Meditation: Let us find peace and clarity utilizing the tarot.

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May this week be one of growth, healing, and transformation. 🌈💫

Here is your five reading this week.

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This card symbolizes self-sufficiency, abundance, and seeing the fruits of your labor paying off. It encourages you to appreciate the beauty and tranquility in the present moment, reminding you to find contentment within yourself. This week you are being invited to understand the value of self-sufficiency and hard work. The spirit guides want you to hone in on your skills and embrace your talents. A bissshhhh got skills—don’t shy away from them. Know how gifted you are. Stop with the BS! You are being called to shine! Nothing worth having arrives without hard work. There are no saviors… do you, rely on you. What are your beliefs around money? What is your relationship to money? Yes, put a price on it. Monetize your gifts.



The reversed Queen of Swords suggests the need to soften your approach. Instead of being overly critical or detached, try to embrace compassion and empathy in your communication. Be open to the wisdom and input of others. Check yourself. Are you overly critical and negative? Are you missing the blessings? How are you using your sword? Are you taking people out? Be mindful of the words you are using and how they are being received. Let’s work hard this week at not being careless and apologizing when we offend. This week you are invited to soften your approach to conflict and communication. Instead of cutting through with a sharp tongue, try to find solutions that forge unity and cooperation—cue Queen Latina’s U.N.I.T.Y!



The Queen of Wands embodies confidence, determination, and passion. It urges you to pursue your goals with unwavering enthusiasm. Embrace your creative and fiery nature to achieve your dreams. This week you are being given the opportunity to show the world who you really are. You will be inspired to embrace your passions and use our creativity to bring positive change to your own life and those around you. This week it’s beast mode!! Move confidently. You know who you are. Know that you are ready. Know that this is your time. Stay grounded. Try to not compare yourself to anyone. This week you are tapped in. You are focused and unwavering. Don’t let anyone take your peace. Don’t let anyone take your joy.



This card represents completion, wholeness, and the culmination of things learned on your journey. It's a reminder that you've come full circle and achieved a sense of fulfillment. Embrace the sense of accomplishment and the opening of new chapters. Our ancestors want us to know that they see us. They see how hard we have been working. They see how committed we are to our healing and breaking intergenerational curses. They see how devoted we have been in centering them in our lives. And because they SEE US—they are letting us know that we have reached a significant stage of completion in our journey. Embrace the sense of accomplishment and take a moment to appreciate how far you've come. But keep going. Don’t stop now! The universe is blessing us always and in all ways. Are you willing to lose everything to have everything you ever wanted? This week it’s all about forward movement. Yay! Yes, you did that! You finally finished it. Now, it’s onto the next thing. The World keeps spinning and The World wants to keep giving!



The Four of Pentacles advises you to assess your relationship with material possessions. Are you holding on too tightly to things, or are you being too frugal? It encourages you to find a balance between financial security and letting go when necessary. This week we are being called to notice if we are being too possessive or materialistic. This week we are called to find balance between financial security and generosity—and this generosity extends to ourselves. We are releasing the scarcity mindset. We understand that universal law states that we receive what we put out. And if we believe that universe ALWAY provides… then that means ALL WAYS!



This card signifies harmony, love, and partnership. It suggests that deep connections are in your life or on the horizon. Embrace the bonds you have with others and be open to new connections. Love and support are flowing into your life. Something amazing is coming. This week we are reminded that where two or more gather…. the truth is we are nothing without each other. We need each other. We are invited this week to honor our relationships. It is a call for more harmony, more love, more peace. This week we are forging strong bonds and connecting to community. For those of you in the social justice, activism and law fields this week you are being called to find ways to assist those who can really use you right now.

NINE OF CUPS (Reverse)


When reversed, the Nine of Cups reminds you not to become complacent or overly self-indulgent. While it's essential to enjoy life's pleasures, remember that true happiness comes from within and isn't solely dependent on external factors. Don’t get comfortable. Don’t get cocky. Be consistent!! Caution! Be mindful of your energy. Too much of anything isn’t good. We are warned against overindulgence this week. May we stop to appreciate all of the beautiful things happening in our lives. Yes have fun. Yes enjoy life's pleasures but not at the expense of losing focus on your goals and responsibilities.

La Santera reflection for this week, we see a theme of balance and self-awareness. Embrace your achievements, open your heart to love and partnerships, and find equilibrium in your material pursuits. Be mindful of your communication style and avoid becoming too rigid in your thinking. Ultimately, the world is at your feet, and it's up to you to navigate this journey with grace and purpose.


Luz y progreso,





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ALICIA ANABEL SANTOS: Initiated Lucumi Iyalorisha Priestess, diviner, and esoteric with 17+ years of tarot reading experience. An Afrolatina Lesbian Storyteller, Performance Artist, Filmmaker, Producer, Playwright, Public Speaker, Activist, and Writing Midwife, celebrating and honoring Black and indigenous women across the diaspora. Proud Dominican Writer, Founder of Sankofa Sisterhood Writers Group, and owner of LASANTERA.NYC, an online Metaphysical Shop & Botanica. 🌟🔮✨


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