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Milk Bath


There is power found in practicing the healing arts: smudging, lighting candles, palo santo, sage, lavender, oils, carrying and working with crystals and creating altars. The baths and limpiezas that I will prepare for you are infused with all of my intentions, prayers and aché. My intention is that each bath prepared aligns with what you are calling forth in your life, or what you would like to see removed. All of my services are directly connected to the questions YOU ARE asking. You must be clear about what it is that you want because I do not play around with the spirit world—we cannot waste their time. This is energy work. This is LOVE Work. And nothing happens without the commitment of the person requesting spiritual guidance. This practice is all about what you believe. It is about your faith. It is about listening to your heart and asking yourself, do I believe that this thing that I want so badly can happen? Do I believe that I deserve it? Am I willing to make the changes required in order to have it?

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