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Dear beautiful ones! If you are new to who I am and how I deliver readings, WELCOME HOME! I believe that the Universe sent you to me. I believe that the Universe provides. I believe that everything happens right on time. I believe that everything we are seeking is trying to make its way to us. I am thrilled we found each other. Being consulted is not something one should take lightly. The person you choose to provide counsel–YOU should feel a deep connection to. There should be a pull, an energy that is magnetic. I am humbled to have been chosen to serve you!


Thank you for trusting me. I can’t wait to begin working with you. Keep ASCENDING! Wishing you peace, love and prosperity! Aché! Anabel

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Reviews from Clients

~ Rosally ~ “I don't know what I was fully expecting but this reading lit me up! The passion that she has for this craft is felt...even through a computer screen. 10 out of 10. Would recommend and will absolutely do again in the future. I wish I were closer to NY as I think she and I would jive on a head-to-toe cellular level. The details given for each individual card and the breakdown of their meanings for different areas of my life was stellar. The reading pulled out the two biggest things hanging over me right now, told me to wake up and then lit a fire under my butt to change my life. You will not be disappointed."


~ YLW ~ “Rating: 5, Loved It!! La Santera Anabel is a gifted prayer warrior.  She is intuitive, knowledgeable, relatable and passionate. She is also a great teacher, who provides explanations and contextual understanding for how these African descended spiritual beliefs and traditions are relevant today while dispelling negative, Anglo/Western perceptions that seek to denigrate African and Caribbean culture, history and tradition. I began following La Santera Anabel’s spiritual journey and work for several months online and became enthralled by the way she is able to translate her deep sense of connection to the spirits and energies that exist all around and within people to her online viewers. This is a powerful and important skill to possess and La Santera Anabel executes it well. I reached out to La Santera Anabel for my first-ever birthday reading.  I was excited and, admittedly, a bit nervous.  I view my spirituality as something very sacred and personal and know the importance and power the spirit realm has in our lives. La Santera Anabel is genuine, authentic and trustworthy.  When I sent my request, she was very responsive (less than 24 hours). La Santera Anabel made my reading privately available online and answered all of my questions.  Her reading was “spot on!” I laughed, I cried, and I got chills down my spine when she intuitively confirmed my specific situation.  With the reading online, I was able to review (and re-review) its many thoughtful messages so I could continue to meditate and reflect on. Overall, it was a powerful, uplifting experience that I would do again and recommend to others! My only wish is to have the capability to download the video reading I can save it and always have it on my device wherever I go! (August, 2019) ”



~ Anonymous  ~“Yes, absolutely, all my questions were answered. Receiving the reading was hard for me. I was receiving messages that I found a bit hard to swallow, even as I was expecting them, because I knew in my heart what the answers were, but I was afraid to acknowledge that knowledge. I wanted confirmation, support, and yes, I got that. But it was hard to receive, and harder to learn that there was little that was “new” that the cards had to offer me, or that's how it felt. But that’s exactly what the reading told me: don’t ask questions you know the answers to. Deep. I love the way La Santera prepares for the reading – it’s as if you’re in her home with her, sitting on her bed with her. Her voice is so soothing, and she speaks slowly and deliberately, leaving plenty of space to honor you and your thoughts. Would you hire La Santera again? Yes, I certainly would. I’d think more carefully about my questions next time!  Would you refer La Santera to a friend? Yes, I absolutely would refer her to any friend who I know would respect her practice. “Me and you, we got more yesterday than anybody. We need some kind of tomorrow.” - Beloved, Toni Morrison”

~ AC~“Yooooooo lol I have to listen to this again and take my notes then mediate on both readings but I have to say I just send you so much love! Your messages speak straight to my heart and I prayed before requesting your services that God use you as a vessel to speak to me in the form that I understand and even though ignorance from people will say whatever I believe and it made sense to me. It relates to me and there are some aha moments. I feel so connected to your energy. Your vibe! Your authenticity reads through your videos. I can’t wait to meet you in person for the writing sessions. This is definitely not the last time we will be in touch.” 

~ V~“Lo que se sabe, no se pregunta. ...What you know, you never ask." And truly, that’s what I did. I know what I had to do in this juncture of my life, but I wanted confirmation. And I certainly got it. In truth, I was disappointed to get that reading, but that reading was absolutely the most authentic answer I could have received. La Santera had done a reading for me before, many months ago, and the answer then was quite clear, and the answer now is still quite clear, but I have started to have doubts. This reading offered me a series of reminders: stop doubting myself; give thanks to my ancestors and remember what they have been through to bring me to where I stand; and believe that they are with me and that I do not stand alone. Believing in myself and that I have all the gifts and support I need to move forward? That is a tough one for me, and the reading said loud and clear, woman up and move forward because there’s no other way to go!"

~ Ali~“I love how authentic you are in everything you do! It was easy and not awkward at all to listen to you, like I was sitting down with a friend. It was a pleasant and real experience, didn’t feel like you were pandering to me or cold reading -- just dealing in facts. All my questions were thoroughly answered in my opinion and I couldn’t ask for more. At first I was worried the youtube format would make me anxious but honestly, I ended up feeling very comfortable with it. Would you hire La Santera again? Yup! Would you refer La Santera to a friend? I definitely would! Overall, the reading left me feeling like I’ve been given the guidance I’ve been looking for and helped me feel a little less lost in this hard time. Props to La Santera for even doing readings with all these issues happening lately!”

~ Dr. Priscila Pender~“What I gained from this workshop is confidence that there is a space for me in the writing world. I would love a Writing from the Womb retreat or conference. WFW has given me the freedom to share my work in a safe space whose sole purpose is to nurture and support not only my writing but me as a writer. Seasoned and novice writers have something to gain by participating in WFW as the opportunity to grow is abundant in this workshop. I am grateful to have been a part of such an amazing process...9 weeks flew by but the magic created is eternal. "Love does not begin and end the way we seem to think it does. Love is a battle, love is a war; love is a growing up." James Baldwin had you in mind when he wrote those words. Your love of writing has led you to this very moment in your life. An advocate, activist, community educator, mother, lover, mid-wife and friend. Each role you play, each hat you wear is what is wanted and needed in this world right now. You do it with such love that it never feels like work but merely an extension of your Soul. Keep sharing your Soul with the world. Keep being YOU.”  

~ Anonymous~ “The accuracy of what she told me. It was amazing. Did La Santera answer all of your questions? Yes, she did and she also gave me info on how to connect more to spirit.” 

~ Nikki~ “Listen! Please do yourself a huge favor and get a reading from her! She was spot on, gave me lots of confirmation, and I enjoyed every bit of it and will be coming back!”

~ Melanin Goddess~ “Wow! She's amazing! I definitely have my confirmation! She has such a warm comforting spirit; Very informative and patient. Don't think twice she's the one you would want to choose for a reading. She gave me chills! You will not be disappointed. Thank you La Santera"

~ Eden~ “There was questions I was praying about that were answered that didn’t really come out in my questions. It was great! Everything was worth it once I received my reading. Did La Santera answer all of your questions? Yes! It was very informative she even took time after to answer a couple of my questions."

~ Tracey  ~ “This lady is awesome! Absolutely the real deal. The reading was authentic, specific and detailed… informative and confirmed some major things in my life! Highly recommended. Do yourself a favor and get at least one--even if it takes time to receive.”

~ Emily~ “An angel on this Earth who is touched by the gift of something otherworldly. If you receive a reading from her, you will not regret it. It was the best and most accurate reading I have ever received in the many times I have tried tarot with others. You will NOT regret it.”

~ Wanda~ “What I gained from the workshop is the faith that I can write, that there is nothing to be afraid of, that I am not an imposter and my voice is worthy. I learned from every reading, every lesson, but I had never used a line from a poem, a song, in order to create a piece and really loved it. I think it allows you to get creative in ways that your mind might not think. Frankly I felt everything included in the course served me in some way. I would like to see this workshop grow. Our class was 21 people and I think it would be amazing to have more of them. There is nothing that I have not already said, but there could not be a better midwife for this course.”

~ Jade~“Fantastic reading ... she truly is a teacher with positive energy and willing to help people out .... I highly recommend her readings.”

~ Elizabeth~ “I am without words, thank you!”

~ Anonymous~ “Holy smoke!!! I can’t even right now! I am so blown away, away, away! Your tenderness palpated, resonated straight through the video reading. I honestly felt as though you were right here with me. Thank you for delivering my message with such love. You hit marks that I had surmised but needed spiritual verification and I wholeheartedly know I received from you and your guides! I will view this message a hundred times over as I do not want to miss one beat (of that spiritual drum). I feel whole. May the most high, Eguns and all the Orishas continue to bestow blessings upon you and yours. In absolute awe. Reeling at this moment.”

~Chelsie ~ Hello and good morning Alicia. I received the reading yesterday and I’m beyond shocked at how accurate you were. I was told before during a healing session that a male spirit stepped up and just you giving me more confirmation about him and my ancestors I smiled the whole reading because everything deeply felt so true. I’ve also have been looking into Santería and getting initiated. For some reason I’ve felt so strong about it and didn’t understand why. I’ve heard of Palo Mayombe before but now I’m going to research more about it and also about Sarabanda. You said in Santería he is Ogun. When you said his name I got chills because I’ve been seeing his name and hearing it everywhere on videos etc. A lot of times the name will pop up in my head for no reason. I wanna thank you so much you’re such a blessing and I’m going to leave a review. I’m definitely going to be booking again soon Love. Love and blessing, Chelsie"

~ EL~ “When she spoke of not repeating self destructive patterns and asked if I am ready for the love I am seeking. On a scale of 1 to 5 how did you like your reading: (1=not at all, 2=didn’t relate, 3=it was ok, 4=on point, 5=loved it!) 5555555! It was eye-opening and reassuring. She answered all of my questions and then some. As I was watching the reading, I was thinking thoughts in my head and then she said something that would help make sense of my thoughts. I loved the YouTube format. A gift is a gift and if I can experience a profound reading from someone I feel safe with, across or out of the country then I would prefer that to a local "tarot card reader" who doesn't have my best interest at heart. The reading was everything I was looking for, I truly cannot wait to have another reading or consultation."

~ Anonymous~  “Knowing that I am going in the right direction. This was honestly the best reading I've had. The reading was amazing, the youtube format was incredible. Being able to see you and watch you gives the reading so much more validity. Watching your expressions and honest reactions to the cards was so helpful as well.”

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