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Temperance - Sagittarius


How do I maintain balance at all times? Today my spirit guides want me to know that I am worthy of joy. They want me to know that I don’t have to rush. There is no race for who I am meant to become. I have no competition. Today I will know that my ancestors have been paving the way for me and the path is clear, I have nothing obstructing me. Today I will know that I am worthy of harmony. I am worthy of love. I am worthy of peace. Even in times of disarray and turmoil – especially during those times. Today I will know that I am worthy of being happy. Today I will know that I am being called to practice patience. Today I am being called to practice persistence. Today I am being called to maintain a clear vision of what I actually want. What do I believe I deserve? And do I believe that I deserve it?

Where’s my Sagittarius gang at? This is your card and also more for you in the extended message.



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XIV - Temperance - Sagittarius

Family let’s get it together. If you are someone who does not like to plan today is the day to do so. The TEMPERANCE card is giving, things will come, things will go, but you have been preparing for this moment for a long time. We are being reminded today to keep a cool head. The situation that you are experiencing at the moment is temporary, yet requires that you maintain calm and proceed with tremendous care. The energy and spirit of temperance requires skill. Resist the need to fight to be heard in order to prove that you’re right and that you know it all. The truth is you do know it all, but who benefits from making others feel like crap?

What areas of your life right now are in desperate need of balance?

How can you remain calm in times of frustration and powerlessness?

Temperance gives us the strength to hold strong. Be firm, but kind. Be thoughtful. Be mindful. A tempered spirit is what is required in this moment. I am reminded of a lyric from my favorite musical, the original WEST SIDE STORY, “Keep it cool boy, real cool!”

Release pressure and your unrealistic expectations—things take time.


UPRIGHT: balance, moderation, in good health, cooperating with others, finding solutions that benefit everyone involved

REVERSED: there’s discord, hastiness, overindulgence, imbalance, risky behavior

The answer to your question today is YES! Do I need to reign it in? YES. Do I need more balance in my life? YES.

The element is FIRE

The planet they rule:

Sign and energy they move with: SAGITTARIUS

Number: 5


Today I will keep a cool head. Today I will pause before responding to something that will bring me out of alignment. Today I will be mindful of my thoughts, my deeds, my actions. Today I will move with ease. Today I call forth balance in all areas of my life. Today I am willing to try something new. Today I am willing to schedule my day. Today I will prioritize my health. Today I will incorporate a spiritual practice, one that feels good to me.

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