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The Tower (reversed)


Ask yourself;

How have I been resisting change? How have I been avoiding? In what ways have I been running from the truth? How am I holding onto people and experiences that do not serve me? What is the root of my fear? Why is it so hard for me to let go?

Today I am being forced to see the truth. Today I am moving with eyes wide open. Today I will know that the veil has been lifted. The veil has been removed in order for me to see people and experiences for what they are. Today I will stop spending time obsessing on what other people are doing or not doing. Today I will not waste my energy on people who are unworthy of me. Today I am committed to cleaning up my own mess.



🪬 DECK: Melanated Classic Tarot Deck by @oubria #melanatedclassictarot



You are being called to build the life of your dreams TODAY not tomorrow. This is what ascension feels like. Today you are being called to get your shit together. You are being called to be grounded. You are being called to get clear. You keep piling shit on top of your mess and wonder why you have the outcome you have. You are trying to build your tower on sand. What is the foundation you are standing on? It’s time to take an honest self inventory of your life and yourself. You can’t get back the time you wasted. You can’t grow if you are holding onto your old life. You can’t grow if you’re holding onto your old beliefs.


UPRIGHT: the tower is crumbling, being called to build on strong foundation, intense and sudden change, destruction, a painful loss, a tragedy, a revelation, release, world is crumbling, chaos at the speed of light

REVERSED: resisting change, avoiding tragedy, a narrow escape, delaying the inevitable, unstable, ignoring the signs

The answer to your question today is NO!

The element is FIRE

The planet they rule: MARS

Sign and energy they move with: ARIES

Number: 7


Yes, my tower is tumbling, yet I am building on firm foundation. I am starting from scratch. I am willing to begin again. I trust the direction of my life. I am in my spiritual rebirth and understand how hard it is to rise from the ashes, but I am rising. I am healing. I am growing. I am releasing. I am surrendering. I am discovering my destiny. Of course I don’t fit into the old tower, I have outgrown it. I am building a castle!

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I love you,



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