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The Sun + Leo’s


“May the force be with you.” — Star Wars

This message is for everyone, but especially my fellow LEO GANG!

All roads lead home. Today I will know that I have made it through the shadow of death. Today I will know and I affirm that I AM NEVER going back there again. While it is true, the things I have seen and been through can’t be unseen, what I choose to know is that my spiritual gifts are my strengths. Today I choose to turn all doubt into decisiveness. Today I choose to turn all stubbornness into moments of surrender. Today I turn all fear into my faith. Today the sun is bringing me messages of optimism and hope. Happy days are here again. The Sun reminds me that it always comes out after the rain.



🪬 DECK: Melanated Classic Tarot Deck by @oubria #melanatedclassictarot



XIX - The Sun

What have you learned? What tests have you passed? Which lessons have you failed? Do you know that you have access to everything that you need. Come on LEOS!!! The SUN is our planet. She rules and guides us. Today will choose to know the truth—that all is well. All is turning out in your favor especially in the moments you may doubt it. The Sun reminds us that it always comes out after the rain. You won’t be in the darkness for too much longer.

(spirit) is asking you to connect to your gifts not someday, TO-DAY!. Accept your gifts. Accept what you came here to do. Today you are being called to vibrate higher. Today you are being called to know that you light up every single room you step into. So get to steppin! Today you are being called to know that you are magnetic. The Sun is also shining a light on all the bullshit – it’s time to make a move. You not fooling nobody.


UPRIGHT: happiness, fertility, success, optimism, truth

REVERSED: sadness, procrastination, pessimism, lies, failure

The answer to your question today is YES! Yes you have been bullshitting. Yes you have been playing small. Yes it is time for you to make a move.

The element is FIRE

The planet they rule: SUN

Sign and energy they move with: LEO

Number: 1


I am ready. I am connected to the Sun. I was born from the Sun. The Sun is calling me to shine brighter, to be brilliant, to be more me. Today I will live my best life. Today and every day I am living my best life. Today I will know that home is everywhere I am. I have learned the lessons, and now I am receiving the blessings. I have passed my trials. I am celebrating me. I am celebrating my connection to spirit.

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I love you,



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