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The Moon + Surrender


I will no longer allow my imagination to play tricks on me. I am being called to take control of my life. I am being called to get a hold of myself, my emotions, my fears, and my anxiety. Today I will acknowledge my self deception. Today I will reflect on all that has had its hold on me by asking myself, How have I been lying to myself? Why have I believed the lies I keep telling myself?

The moon is warning, urging and reminding me to trust my intuition. I am being called to move forward. I will trust. I will ask my spirit guides. I will reach for my ancestors. Today I will know that I will be delivered from all that binds me, all that threatens my safety. I will be delivered from all that has had a hold on me. Today I will face reality. Today I will face facts. Today I will tell the FCKING truth.



🪬 DECK: Melanated Classic Tarot Deck by @oubria #melanatedclassictarot



The Moon

There is confusion, anxiety and fear in the air. You are being called to face your anxieties and worries head on. You can’t avoid. You can’t run. You must face it.

The only way out is through. The only way up is in. You are afraid to move forward. You are afraid to go back. You are afraid to look at your past and heal your present. You are in the valley of the shadow of death. You are being called to see or not. It is your choice. Practice meditating with the adinkra symbol gye nyame which means “except for God” mantra: I fear no one except for God. (Insert word that feels comfortable for you, creator, source, force) Today I will trust Creator over all things. You are being called to trust in something greater than yourself. You are being called take one step in faith and the creator will make a way. You are being called to keep going.


UPRIGHT: fear, anxiety, confusion, delusion, risk.

dreams, intuition, psychic sensitivity, fantasy, escapism, the paranormal

REVERSED: overcoming fear, finding the truth, conquering anxiety, gaining clarity, grounded, move in faith

The answer to your question today is NO

The element is WATER

The planet they rule: NEPTUNE

Sign and energy they move with: PISCES

Number: 9


I fear nothing but God. I will trust the way I am being divinely guided.


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