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The Lovers (reversed)


This is gonna sound harsh,

They don’t want you! They want out! It’s over! They could never give you what you need because they don’t know how to! They could never give you what you need because you have not been clear about what it is that you need! If it ain’t reciprocal, then it ain’t genuine. If you have to ask the tarot about them, then that in itself is a red flag. Are you communicating openly and honestly? This is a sign about disruption. Something is being disrupted in your life. Something is being disrupted in your relationship. Something is being revealed to you in this moment. Be careful who you think is cheering for you when they in fact are hoping that your relationship fails. Perhaps the relationship that you are in is not the one for you. Some things to consider as you move today.

Today I am paying attention to the red flags. Today I will listen to what is being said to me in the actions that follow what is being said to me. Today I move with my eyes wide open. Today I will trust my gut. Today I will trust my intuition. Today I will trust my inner knowing which never fails me and is showing me that something just ain’t right.



🪬 DECK: Melanated Classic Tarot Deck by @oubria #melanatedclassictarot



The energy in the lovers message in reverse is an ending. This symbolizes a break up, a loss, a divorce, disharmony. If you want peace and harmony in your relationship, then you must be harmony and peace in your relationship. You must bring that energy that you say you want matched. Perhaps this is a good time to allow your partner to lead. Perhaps it is a good time to allow your partner to have a voice and respect their opinions. This is an energy of conflicts. There is a disconnect. There is a fear of commitment. You say you want love – you say you’re ready for a relationship – but do you really? If you are in a relationship are you seeing Eye 2 Eye? Where is the disconnect? How can you heal what seems to be a breakdown in communication? Do you share the same dream? Do you share the same values? Are you checking in with your partner to see if they still want to be here?


UPRIGHT: love, harmony, partnerships, choices

REVERSED: there’s an imbalance, disruption in the force, one sightedness, disharmony, discord

The answer to your question today is NO! It ain’t working. Full stop!

The element is AIR

The planet they rule: VENUS

Sign and energy they move with: GEMINI

Number: 6


Today, I will keep my love life to myself. Today I will protect what is sacred. Today I will not share the problems or discard that is happening in my marriage, Soul mate relationships, platonic friendships. I will communicate what I am feeling to the people, person involved directly and lovingly. Today I honor the love in my life. Today I will love myself. And today I will practice honesty and sincerity.

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I love you,



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