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The Hierophant + Old Traditions


There are no absolute truths. Today I will be open to learning. Today I will trust the guides that spirit is bringing to me. Today I will know that I am attracting a spiritual community that elevates and feeds me. Today I will know that I am in the right community for me. Today I am focusing on what I value most. Today I will know that I am in my season of learning. Today I call forth the spirit of my ancestors to guide my steps. Today I will know that I am loved, I am protected, and I am safe.



🪬 DECK: Melanated Classic Tarot Deck by @oubria #melanatedclassictarot



The Hierophant

The Hierophant is a wise teacher who moves with a spiritual understanding. Pay attention to the keys that are at his feet. Pay attention to the people who come to you for guidance. None of them will leave you the same. What is working for you? What is not working for you? Where can you grow right now?

There is no such thing as absolute truth. The energy here is that it is alright to question the teachings, to question the old beliefs, to question the old traditions, and come to an understanding of what that truth means to you. The energy of the of the hierophant represents your traditional values.

What are your life values? What are your spiritual values? What are the tenets that you live by?

Here the message are a confirmation that you are seeking spiritual guidance or you provide this for someone else.

You are grounded, firm in your beliefs and values. You follow the rules. You are learning new traditions. You are embodying new beliefs and embracing systems that have already been in existence. You are ready to embrace your ancestral traditions. Your are interested in learning something new. You are in a period of learning formally.  You are in your period of mastery. You are seeking a spiritual, mentor or coach. This is a confirmation that you are being called to your spiritual heritage and your ancestral lineage.


UPRIGHT: spiritual, wisdom, traditions, conformity, morality, ethics, Spiritual law, moral authority, teaching, material gain, possessions, divine love, moves with a spiritual understanding, resourceful

REVERSED: rebellion, subversiveness, freedom, questioning personal beliefs, seeking guidance, feeling lost, values are all over the place

The answer to your question today is yes and no! Trust your gut!

The element is EARTH

The planet they rule: JUPITER

Sign and energy they move with: TAURUS

Number: 5


I am grounded in my spiritual tradition. I am on a new quest. I am on a quest of learning. I am attracting a spiritual mentor who is in alignment with me. I trust what the universe is bringing to me. I am willing to make impactful and intentional changes to my life.

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