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Six of Swords + Those Who Curse You


I trust the ways I am being guided. I trust the direction for my life. Today I am paying attention to the signs. Today I will know that I am powerful. Today I will move knowing that my words carry power. Today I will know that my words are spells—and the spells I am casting over my life are bringing me abundance, joy, and discipline. Today I am letting go of all that does not serve me. Today I will know that I control my thoughts and no one has any control over me. Today I replace hate with love, stress with patience, and doubt with faith. Today I will know that I am ready for my next place.



🪬 DECK: Melanated Classic Tarot Deck by @oubria #melanatedclassictarot



Six of Swords

Choose your next move carefully. The words that you use carry tremendous power. It’s time to leave your chaotic past behind. It’s time for you to move forward. It’s time for you to leave any experience that disturbs your peace.


UPRIGHT: earned success, swift manifestation, invisible guides, genius, brilliant endeavors, mental downloads, calm after the storm, praying for others, silence, peace, forgiveness; you are willing to leave all that does not bring you peace

REVERSED: feeling, overwhelmed, slow healing, resistance, feeling trapped, feeling stuck, afraid to move forward, unable to end something that you know is no good for you, feeling attacked, attracting toxic people and experiences – don’t you know you deserve so much more? When will you believe it?

The answer to your question today is YES

The element is AIR

The planet they rule: MERCURY

Sign and energy they move with: AQUARIUS

Number: 6


I am a powerful spellcaster. There is power in my words. There is power in my silence. I surrender all grudges. I surrender all resentment. I surrender all pettiness. Today I will send back all energy that keeps me from allowing my feelings to flow in high vibrations. Today I will bless those who curse me.


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