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Six of Swords + Suffering


There are consequences to my actions always. Today I am being called to understand and learn the power of my words thought and spoken; and the power of my silences. Today I will know that even my sarcasm cuts. Today I surrender my grudges. Today I surrender my pettiness. Today I surrender my shallowness. Today I am being called to acknowledge the ways I have felt empty. Today I am being called to bless those who curse me. Today I am moving forward knowing that the battle has already been won. Today I will relax. Today I will unwind. Today I will chill. Today I will know that this is my time to recharge. Today I will know that swift healing is happening even when I cannot see it.



🪬 DECK: Melanated Classic Tarot Deck by @oubria #melanatedclassictarot



Six of Swords

You are finally overcoming all the obstacles and you are ready to move forward. The battle has been won. YAY YOU! Finally!

Now you can relax. Now you can recharge. Now you get to enjoy all of the fruits of your hard earned labor. You have overcome the hardship. You are no longer in your moment of suffering. You are victorious. Now you can breathe. Maferefun Chango – whatever conflict you may be going/growing through is finally coming to a swift resolution.


UPRIGHT: Let go of hatred, you are healing, you are moving forward, escape,

swift manifestation, invisible guides, genius, receiving mental downloads, a calm after the storm, praying for others, silence, peace, forgiveness

REVERSED: feeling, overwhelmed, slow in healing, slow progress, no direction, doing too fcking much, feeling trapped

The answer to your question today is YES

The element is AIR

The planet they rule: MERCURY

Sign and energy they move with: AQUARIUS

Number: 6


Today I will rest. Today I will move slowly. Today I will trust what is divinely ordained for my life.


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