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Six of Cups (reversed)


Today I will stop playing games. Today I will own the ways I have been manipulative and wanted things done my way. Today I will take responsibility for my role in the dysfunction and breakdown of communication. Today I will accept that there are experience’s I am living through that feel awfully familiar. Today I am breaking cycles. Today I am working on putting an end to destructive patterns. Today I will know that I am free. I am free to choose. I am free to say nothing. I am free to do nothing. I am free to be me. I am free to walk away. I am free to not go along with something that feels dishonoring to me. Today I will share my joy with others. Today I will play more. Today I will pour into me more. Today I will practice generosity more. I am generous with my time. I am generous with my resources. Today I will practice reciprocity. Today I will be present.



🪬 DECK: Melanated Classic Tarot Deck by @oubria #melanatedclassictarot



Six of Cups

It is time to leave your childhood behind. It’s time to grow up. You are in a stage of maturing. The old games are no longer working for you. It’s not cute. Manipulation is not cute. Self sabotage is not cute. Vindictiveness is not cute. Gossiping is not cute. Betrayal is not cute. Believing you are right when you know you’re dead wrong ain’t cute. It’s time to face your problems head on. It’s time to find a solution that benefits all parties involved. You may be stuck in the past. The issues you are currently experiencing could be related to something from your past. Past memories. Past relationships. Grow up. No more running. Tell the truth. Mostly, be honest with yourself. You know you’re playing yourself.


UPRIGHT: playful, carefree, nostalgic, children, innocence, life, practice, transformation, healing, soulmate, life partner, platonic relationships

REVERSED: maturity, boredom, independence, death, self sacrifice

The answer to your question today is YES

The element is WATER

The planet they rule: SUN

Sign and energy they move with: SCORPIO

Number: 6


I am grateful for the lessons of my past. I am ready to face my problems. I am ready to be healthy. I am ready to choose joy. I am ready to choose me.


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