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Seven of Wands & Patience


The ancestors are bringing important messages today Alicia,🥦. USE YOUR TOOLS – not tomorrow - not later - TODAY! Right now! They are reminding me that everything that exists today was built by their hands thousands of years ago. They planted the seeds. They watered the Earth. They tended the lands. They honored the sun. They worshipped the stars. They prayed to the moon. And they waited patiently. It is harvest season. Today I will gather and sell my goods. Today is a great day to begin. Today I will start my business and sell my products. Today I will put myself out there. All of my planning and hard work has manifested into the most delicious fruits because I have put in the work. Today is the day!



🪬 DECK: Melanated Classic Tarot Deck by @oubria #melanatedclassictarot



VII of Pentacles

You’re looking a little desperate. You’re looking a little impatient. You’re looking a little somber. Why are you worrying? Why are you fixated on and moving with the energy of “it’s not happening quite fast enough? Everyone is winning at life but me!” That’s a downright lie. Why are you forcing shit? The seven of pentacles is giving an energy of STFU. Stop wining. Patience is what’s needed. Patience is what you are lacking. Trust is what you’re needing. Trust. The truth is if you look at him in his garden he has much to celebrate. Seven pentacles are growing from the vines and that one that is at their feet is a reminder that with every effort we make there is always a payoff. Now is the time for evaluation. Now is the time to collect. Now is the time for gain. If you have invested now you will see the return — all you have to do is wait.

KEY WORDS: stay the course, keep planning, keep dreaming, keep believing, keep working hard, tap into perseverance, trust that you will be rewarded and you will see the results, the message here is long-term success. There are no shortcuts. Stop being fcking lazy.

UPRIGHT: success is for those who are willing to wait. Executing the plan. Hard work. Perseverance. Endurance.

REVERSED: failed plan. Lack of discipline. Poor planning. Poor management. Laziness. Impatient.

The answer to your question today is a YES! Do I need to get my shit together? YES!  Am I being called to trust? YES!

The element is EARTH

The planet they rule: VENUS

Sign and energy they moves with: TAURUS


Today I will use my tools. Today I will use my gifts. Today I will move. Today I am ready to shine. Today I will know that I am gifted. Today I will use my hands to build what my ancestors have been calling me to build. Today I will trust that I am being divinely guided. Today I will know that I am divinely protected. Today I will launch. Today I will complete my mission.

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I love you,



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