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Seven of Swords + Aquarius


Shifts will begin to happen when you learn how to utilize your swords. Razor sharp clarity arrives. You begin to listen to yourself. You begin to trust yourself. You are literally out here with seven machetes up – they can’t touch you!

Today I will move with my eyes wide open. Today I will pay attention to their actions. Today I will pay more attention to their actions more than their words. People show me exactly who they are, and today I choose to believe them. Today I am attracting people who keep their word. Today I am moving as someone who keeps their word. Today I am clear about the direction I am being called to move in. Today I am open to what has been revealed to me in terms of who is not meant to be in my life. Today I am taking responsibility for me.



🪬 DECK: Melanated Classic Tarot Deck by @oubria #melanatedclassictarot



There are those around you who don’t keep their word. They are straight up playing you. There are those around you who are not moving in your direction, but you must keep moving anyway. Folks will use their swords to attack what they don’t understand—let them, you stay ready for battle. The truth is that they won’t like you for who you are becoming, they may call you a bishhhh, a liar, a fraud, a phony, full of yourself, a hoe, pretentious, but keep moving.

There’s a lot of trickery going on. There’s a lot of dishonesty surrounding you right now. You or someone in your circle is a sneaky snake. Keep your eyes open. You or this person are deliberate and calculating and intentional. Remember that what goes around comes around. This person doesn’t give a FCK who they take out.

Be careful trusting people. Especially those that are in your camp. Those are in your circle those who you call “tribe“. Those who pretend to love you, but behind your back they’re talking mad shit about you.

Are you someone who is naïve? The message for you today is let’s try to not be so trusting. Let’s stop telling people are FCKING business. They are not who they say they are. They are not happy for you. They secretly want what you have. But no matter what – all will be revealed in time – they will show their ass.


UPRIGHT: dishonesty, deceit, manipulation, cheating, a thief is in the midst, a liar, no regrets, a master manipulator.

REVERSED: taking responsibility for your actions, starting over, clean slate, value the truth,

The answer to your question today is NO!

The element is AIR

The planet they rule: URANUS

Sign and energy they move with: AQUARIUS

Number: 7


My eyes are wide-open. I smell a rat. I can see right through them. I trust what my guides are showing me. My gift is discernment and it’s on overdrive right now. I know exactly who they are and I cannot be fooled. I will not be fooled. They found the right one. They gonna learn today.

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