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September Santerascopes

Aries & Aries Rising

Muse of Inspiration

King of King of Wands

Right now you are an Inspiration. Success is yours. You are a true a true leader. A visionary. Don’t think small. Don’t question your dreams. You have the ability to make things manifest, staying inspired, and take action. True success does not come alone. It takes a team it takes a tribe. It takes a soul family. It takes a village. What is something that you want to do right now? Do you have everything you need to know how powerful your mind is?

Taurus & Taurus Rising

Two of Emotions in Reverse

Two of Cups in Reverse

This message is about LOVE, your relationships, friendships, romance, partnerships, connections, soulmates, mutual attraction, and creative collaboration. If the two of cup speaks of love, relationships, friendships and it’s in reverse. Ojooooo 👀 spirit is calling your attention to something… ay algo que no va bien. Something is out of alignment. Something is misaligned. Somethings not working out. Communication is very important right now for you Taurus. It’s not just about saying what needs to be said this is an invitation for you to listen. What needs to end? What are you ready to let go of? What no longer serves you?

Gemini & Gemini Rising

The Hierophant Gemini

Yo Gemini, I am over the moon for you. You already know what you mean to me. What an amazing confirmation for you and your hard work. You are on a new spiritual journey. You are seeking a spiritual teacher or you have found the guru within. You have completely dismantled outdated systems that have never served you. You have a new belief system, newfound faith in your spiritual journey and it’s the right one for you. And I’m FCKING here for it gemini. I love that for you. How can you keep the momentum? What do you need to remind yourself of daily? What is really working well for you right now?

Cancer & Cancer Rising

The Wheel of Fortune

If you are looking for a confirmation from spirit here it is. This is your time. Luck is on your side, but is it really luck or is it your faith and belief in you, FINALLY? Move on. Fate and el destino are on your side.  Spin the wheel of fortune, you can’t lose. This is a yes! A hell yes! What do you believe in? What has changed in your life that is bringing you beautiful revelations?

Leo & Leo Rising

The Sun

Leo, it’s still your season. FCK what ya heard! Keep it positive. Focus on the goals. Stay with it. Don’t give up. You are dancing to the beat of your heart. You are doing your best work right now. Leo, whatever it is, you’re doing right now keep doing it, keep staying to yourself, keep pulling back, keep staying still, keep being obedient, keep trusting spirit, keep allowing yourself to be guided, supported and loved.

Virgo & Virgo Rising

The Magician in Reverse

The magician is in reverse, pay attention Virgo, I l know you believe you have all the answers and can do everything on your own, and while that is true, there’s something you want to manifest, that no one knows, but it is not happening fast enough for your liking. Spirit is saying, “You haven’t paid your dues. You haven’t paid your debt.” There’s some uncertainty. Pay attention to your intuition, follow YOUR path. What have you forgotten? You are being reminded to connect to humility. What do you owe? What promises have you not kept?

Libra & Libra Rising

Six of Emotions

Six of Cups

Isn’t it amazing to look back at your life and see how far you’ve come? Yes, people from your past are going to come back, but not everyone is meant to be in your life, everyone is meant to be in your future. Allow them to come in and praise you. Yasssss, let’s let them come and sing your praises, practice gratitude and they can keep it moving.

Scorpio & Scorpio Rising

The Empress in Reverse

Why have you forgotten? You are so nurturing. The energy of the empress is a message directly from the universe. A gift from Mother Earth reminding you that you are divine. You are meant to be giving birth to something magnificent right now. You are divine. This message in reverse speaks to Insecurity, infertility, a lack of confidence. There is something causing you chaos right now. There  is disharmony. Something is disrupting your serenity. You might be feeling like you’re not progressing, that you are not moving forward, not feeling supported by your family. Why don’t you believe in you? Why don’t you trust the gifts that you’ve been given.? How can you get back into alignment?

Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising

The Devil in Reverse

The themes of the Devil: Addiction, bondage, being manipulated, feeling stuck in the confines of your own story, needing to have fun, Independence, freedom, revelation, release, reclaiming, your power, reclaiming control. What a wonderful season it is for you Sag, to reclaim your power, to reclaim control. In what ways have you been out of control? What is being revealed to you in your dreams? What revelations have you had? What does freedom mean to you?

Capricorn & Capricorn Rising

Seven of Voices

Seven of Swords

Trust your own integrity, there’s some trickery, some fckery, some thievery, some deception. Take only what you need. Don’t put up with more than you can handle. Yeah there might be some dishonest people around you, some con artists, yes there are people copying you…. ¿Y que? So what? Trust your intuition. Trust your gut. If you’re feeling like you’ve been deceived, it is because you have. Someone isn’t being honest. Someone isn’t telling the truth. Perhaps someone is stealing your ideas and maybe even stealing some of your friends. They weren’t your friends no way. This is a confirmation for you, but also a reminder to trust that what is meant for you could never be taken from you, so if something has left you, perhaps they’re meant to stay gone.

Aquarius & Aquarius Rising

Two of Inspiration in Reverse

Two of Wands in Reverse

You are on YOUR journey and you are meant to go alone. You are seeking a new path. It is time to move beyond your comfort zone, challenge yourself, experience something new, travel, adventure, taking care of your home. You have a desire for self-expression and it’s time to manifest it. Yet in reverse what the FCK are you afraid of. Aquarius you are one of the baddest in the zodiac! WHY are you afraid of change? Why are you so indecisive as of late? Perhaps you are restricting yourself. Perhaps there is a lack of planning. Don’t be so rigid. Stop canceling all the time. Stop playing it safe. Stop cancelling on people. Stop canceling travel plans. Stop canceling events. Stop fearing the unknown. STOP. Step back. Please stop making yourself small. This is a call to return to self, to remember who you are. Aquarius, spirit is inviting you to play some Stevie Wonder, “don’t you worry about a thing.” Remember who you are. Remember what you came here to do. Trust that you have everything you need.

Pisces & Pisces Rising

Eight of Materials

Eight of Pentacles

You are perfecting your craft. You are in your moment of mastery. You are loving your job. You are an expert and this is all because you are dedicated and are taking pride in your work. Keep taking your time. You have finally discovered your soul purpose. Aché. This is your time. This is a moment of tremendous focus and clarity for you. Pisces, stay committed. Stay with it. You  are doing exactly what you were born to do.


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