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Queen of Pentacles & Intuition

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

Today I will know that I lack nothing. Today I will know that I came here to do something very important and I am the only one who was born to do it. Today I will listen closely to my intuition and the ways in which I am being led. Today I will follow the direction of my spirit guides and head in the direction of my soul purpose. Today and everyday I am willing to do the work of discovering what that purpose is. Today I will register for that retreat, today I will take that coaching program, today I will seek out a mentor, today I will enroll for that class, today I will write that book, today I am investing in me.



🪬 DECK: Melanated Classic Tarot Deck by @oubria #melanatedclassictarot



Queen of Pentacles

KEY WORDS: she is rich, she is abundant, she is successful, she is accomplished and she grounded. The world is hers and we are meant to bow down.  She receives achieves all she sets out to and for her diligence she is richly rewarded.  She moves with the mantra, “your success is my success, my success is your success – I want everyone to win!“ you can’t help but feel rich in her presence.

She is Our Lady of Charity, La Caridad del Cobre—incarnate. She is the living, breathing manifestation of Oshun.

I AFFIRM: Today I will move with an open heart and a generous spirit.

UPRIGHT: She is the nurturing healer, she is down to earth, she is grateful, and moves with a social consciousness and awareness. She cares about social issues and what is happening to our planet.

REVERSED: She is neglectful of others, she can be insensitive, she only cares about herself, she can be dominating and suffocating, she is obsessed with fame and beauty and ego, she’s an enabler and attracts codependent relationships

The answer to your question today is a YES! Yes go for it. Yes get your shit together. Yes leave that dead end job or toxic relationship or both.

Her element is EARTH

The planet she rules: SATURN

Sign and energy she moves with: CAPRICORN

If the message hits and you feel to send a donation to support me continuing this work I am beyond grateful. May it multiply in your life tenfold. Other ways of supporting my work is sharing and reposting.

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I love you,



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