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La Santera Weekly Reading & Tarot Meditation

🔮✨ Welcome to your La Santera Weekly Reading & Tarot Meditation for September 25 through October 1! ✨🔮

Whenever it is that you come across this reading know that the message always arrive right on time.

As we step into this new week, let's harness the energy of the universe and dive deep into our spiritual journey. Join me in a sacred space of reflection and meditation as we navigate the path ahead. 🌟

🌙 Weekly Reading: Discover the insights and guidance that the cards hold for us this week. The Tarot is a powerful tool to illuminate our path, and together, we will unlock its wisdom. Use the cards pulled for your weekly reading to meditate on or as journal prompts. Share in the comments what comes up for you this week.

🧘🏾‍♀️ Tarot Meditation: Let us find peace and clarity utilizing the tarot.

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May this week be one of growth, healing, and transformation. 🌈💫



I know you see this person lying face down with ten swords piercing their back! Hello… Is that you? The message from the X of Swords signifies hitting rock bottom or it could be connected to a painful ending. Its giving… overwhelmed, feeling betrayed, or complete defeat. Or, it can also mean you are fcking ready! It can mean you are done with them, done with it, simply done and ready for your reboot, your restart… there is potential this week for major break throughs if you allow yourself.

Meditation on Money/Career: Stop betraying yourself. Stop breaking promises to yourself. Stop breaking promises to your ancestors and spirit. When will you commit? It’s time to let go of any and all negative thoughts or situations that are holding you back in your career and life. Find your way out of fear and go for it anyway. Embrace change and the ways you are being called towards a new beginning. Fck yesterday, that’s done. Start now. Start today.

Meditation on Relationships: The truth is people always show us who they are. There is something ending. Also, it’s the end of this phase. Communication is key to resolve any conflicts. Speak your truth. But also, be open to hearing their truth (you are not the fcking victim).

Meditation on Spirituality/Health: This card reminds you to release mental burdens for better mental and physical health. Whatever you are carrying right now, take it to them IYKYK.



Venimos fuerte esta semana con esas espadas! These swords are not fcking around with us this week. Here you see a person blindfolded, bound, surrounded by eight swords stuck in the ground. How are you feeling trapped? How are you feeling restricted? In what ways are you feeling limited, stagnant? What if… you are the one creating obstacles where there are none? It’s not as bad as you think. It’s not as scary as you think. It is time to see and be open to new perspectives. It’s time to break free from self-imposed constraints.

Meditation on Money/Career: You may be feeling trapped or limited in your career journey right now, but often, the limitations are self-imposed. Invest in yourself. Find creative ways to make money. What offerings have you been wanting to share with the collective. This is the week to start!

Meditation on Relationships: If you are so unhappy why won’t you tell them? In what ways are you feeling trapped, restricted or stuck in your relationship? And what does freedom look like for you? Can you be in your marriage, partnership, situation-ship and be free? This week honesty is the move, be open, communicate your needs—nobody is a mind reader.

Meditation on Spirituality/Health: It's time to break free from self-imposed limitations to improve your spiritual and mental well-being. The only way out of this is through it. And the only way through it is finding your spiritual solution to the matter (whatever this means to you). Assistance is always a prayer away. If you are not comfortable with the word prayer—try communing, meditation, stillness, breathwork, jog, go for a walk.



The truth is that while The Queen brings us hope this week, there is no way to get to this place without dealing with the messages the ten and eight of swords are bringing us. There is no tricking the universe. There are no skipping steps. Once you deal with the issues that have been holding you back, only then will you find yourself seated on your throne. This card also could represent someone you aspire to be more like. Someone confident. Someone stable. Someone consistent. Someone focused. Someone with her eye on the prize—and that prize being her (insert pronoun) liberation. The Queen of Pentacles is surrounded by symbols that represent abundance and nature. She is loving, nurturing and practical. This week the invitation is to connect to financial stability.

Meditation on Money/Career: Do you save? Do you know how to save? What % of your income is set aside for emergencies? Do you know what comes in/goes out? The Queen of Pentacles represents financial stability and responsibility—how can you connect to this energy? Focus on managing your resources wisely.

Meditation on Relationships: In relationships, you are feeling supported, nurtured, loved and held. Please give to others what you are receiving. How can you show that you care. You are being called to bring stability, assuredness in all of your connections.

Meditation on Spirituality/Health: Whatever you are holding in your body—you’re being called to release. Embrace a practical and nurturing approach to your spiritual and health practices. Balance is key this week.



Here we see a person blindfolded, holding two crossed swords in front of them while sitting near water. If you are feeling blindsided right now, unsure of which way to go the message for you this week is—it’s time to make a decision. It’s time to make a move. The truth is that while you may be blindfolded right now you could place the swords down and remove the blindfold. It doesn’t always have to end in battle. You could surrender. OR you could keep doing sh*t in the same way you’ve been doing it. It’s up to you!

Meditation on Money/Career: You may be facing a tough decision in your career. Take time to weigh your options, but don't remain indecisive for too long.

Meditation on Relationships: In relationships, this card suggests a need to make a choice or address a conflict. Avoiding decisions can lead to stagnation.

Spirituality/Health: Seek clarity and balance in your spiritual and health choices. Avoid being stuck in indecision.



Swords are THE message for us this week. The struggle is real. The battle is real. But it’s also temporary. It’s always temporary. “This too shall pass.” The Five of Swords shows a figure holding three swords, while two others lie on the ground, and the defeated opponents walk away. You have won. Whatever you have done this week, whether it has been you having the hard/real/honest conversations, establishing boundaries, saying no… bottom line is that you are done. You are done attracting conflict. You are done living inside of power struggles, and you are done with anything that feels like betrayal. Que vale ganar if you are dragging folks in the process. Does that even feel good? Winning is sweeter when everyone feels loved.

Meditation on Money/Career: This card warns against conflicts in your career. Choose your battles wisely and consider compromise. Yes, speak up for yourself but also protect yourself. Think before you speak. Reaction is not always the best first action. Breathe!

Meditation on Relationships: In relationships, it signifies conflicts or power struggles. Focus on finding common ground and avoiding unnecessary confrontation.

Spirituality/Health: Be cautious of negative influences on your spiritual and health journey. Avoid toxic situations.



I love the emperor energy, it’s this reminder or confirmation of either: GET YOUR SH*T together OR it’s a celebration and shout out directly from Shango of, “Yo baby I see you! B%tch, not YOU holding your entire life down! Not you getting sh*t done! Not you planning! Not you committed! Not you being consistent as fck! Yes baby—I see you! In the image we see this powerful figure seated on a throne, symbolizing authority and control, holding an orb in one hand and scepter in the other. The energy for Friday is cool confidence. You are moving in silence. You got your head down—getting your sh*t done! The Emperor is the epitome of leadership, structure, and the need for a strong mind, and organized life. Spirit is encouraging you to take control, set clear boundaries, and make decisions with authority and confidence.

Meditation on Money/Career: The Emperor represents authority and control. It's a good time to take charge of your career and make strategic decisions. Make a move. No move is a move, whether you choose it or not!

Meditation on Relationships: In your relationships, there is a need for structure and leadership. Provide support and stability. Balance is important. If you lead in one area, let others shine in another.

Meditation on Spirituality/Health: Prioritize your health fam! Embrace discipline and structure in your spiritual and health practices. Set clear goals and boundaries.



Come on world!!! Yes! Maferefun Obatala! Aché. You have made it! This is what making it feels like. This is what achievement and recognition feels like. It’s this feeling of tremendous accomplishment and pride that you feel in yourself for the moves you have been making in silence. The World is completion and fulfillment. You are being celebrated and rewarded for your consistency in hitting that milestone or accomplishing a long-term goal. You are your greatest dream come true. This is a time of harmony, wholeness, and you are ONE with the universe. Aché! Yes spirit! I receive that!

Meditation on Money/Career: The World card signifies completion and success in your career. Embrace what’s coming—you fcking deserve it!

Meditation on Relationships: Celebrate your connections and enjoy a sense of wholeness. In the relationships that are truly important to you--you are in fact getting what you need and deserve!

Meditation on Spirituality/Health: You're in a phase of spiritual or health fulfillment. You are being celebrated for having gone through a rite of passage. You are consistent in your daily practices and new habits. Embrace this sense of completeness/wholeness and share it with others.


Luz y progreso,


Here is your five reading this week.

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ALICIA ANABEL SANTOS: Initiated Lucumi Iyalorisha Priestess, diviner, and esoteric with 17+ years of tarot reading experience. An Afrolatina Lesbian Storyteller, Performance Artist, Filmmaker, Producer, Playwright, Public Speaker, Activist, and Writing Midwife, celebrating and honoring Black and indigenous women across the diaspora. Proud Dominican Writer, Founder of Sankofa Sisterhood Writers Group, and owner of LASANTERA.NYC, an online Metaphysical Shop & Botanica. 🌟🔮✨


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