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La Santera Weekly Reading & Tarot Meditation

🔮✨ Welcome to your La Santera Weekly Reading & Tarot Meditation for September 11 through September 17! ✨🔮

Whenever it is that you come across this reading know that the message always arrive right on time.

As we step into this new week, let's harness the energy of the universe and dive deep into our spiritual journey. Join me in a sacred space of reflection and meditation as we navigate the path ahead. 🌟

🌙 Weekly Reading: Discover the insights and guidance that the cards hold for us this week. The Tarot is a powerful tool to illuminate our path, and together, we will unlock its wisdom. Use the cards pulled for your weekly reading to meditate on or as journal prompts. Share in the comments what comes up for you this week.

🧘🏾‍♀️ Tarot Meditation**: Let us find peace and clarity utilizing the tarot.

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🌠 It's time to connect, grow, and ascend together. Don't forget to tag a friend who needs a little extra guidance this week.

May this week be one of growth, healing, and transformation. 🌈💫



You are ready to defend what is yours. You have tapped into the resilience, determination, and the strength required to overcome whatever challenges are coming your way. Your guides want you to know that they see you. They recognize the ways you have fought and worked to get to where you are. Remove anything and anyone that threatens your peace and progress. Trust the decisions you are making. Keep moving. Victory is closer than you think.



This is a time of tremendous reflection for you. You are weighing everything before making any moves. You are being called to take the time to sit with issues before making any hasty decisions. You are in your awakening. You are awakening to the truth. You are awakening to the bullsh. You are awakening to your soul purpose. Trust the ways spirit is guiding you. Pay attention to the signs. This is also a time of great transformation. You are in your rebirth. With every death comes something new. Embrace death so you may appreciate life. Allow what needs to die—to die! Pa fuera!!! In this inner reflection, self-inventory you are currently living through, look at your life. What have you learned? What doesn’t serve you? How can you grow? What errors are you still committing? Are the choices you are making right now in alignment with your true purpose and values? Are you ready to step into your new life? Are you willing to go alone?



You are ready to seek counsel. You are ready to seek spiritual guidance. You are ready to begin therapy. You are ready and willing to do whatever is necessary in order to have inner peace and implement lasting change in your life. Whether it’s a coach, mentor, or spirit guide you are finally ready to receive the messages. You are finally ready to incorporate new practices connected to your ancestors. What a beautiful week to receive guidance and a confirmation from the hierophant… a representation of your deep desire for meaning and connection to a higher vibration. The warning: seek guidance from a trusted source. Don’t consume things of no value (whatever this means to you). Use discernment. Watch how people move. Watch for consistency or inconsistency. Embrace your ancestral traditions. The answers you seek are closer than you think.

VII OF CUPS (Reversed):


How does it feel living in the clouds? The energy of the seven of cups in reverse asks us to gain clarity, get focused and make practical choices. We are moving away from illusions, fantasies and daydreams. We are thriving not merely just surviving. We are living in THIS reality. We are not living some social media “pose for the pic” fantasy. We are getting grounded. We are organizing our lives. We are making good decisions. We are establishing achievable goals. We are not FCKING around this week. Or at least this is the guidance for us… how can we make room for the life we want? We are replacing all of our bad habits with sustainable minor shifts. We are NOT being called to incorporate ALL the things…we are NOT being called to make all the shifts, all the changes, all the practices, all the rituals—all at once … to then find ourselves crucifying ourselves when we fall off and don’t not stay with it. This week let’s choose one thing to incorporate, one minor change and stay with it. Maybe this week you create an altar for your ancestors. Maybe you spend one hour working on the website. Whatever you choose to focus on this week stay with it. Pick one thing and see it through!

V OF CUPS (Reversed)


Your cups spilleth over!!! You are not fooling anyone! This week you are being called to accept something, to accept something you have no control over. You are being called to see something for what it is. How you can you lean into forgiveness? Are you even ready to forgive? The five of cups acknowledges that you have been holding onto something for far too long and the weight of it is destroying you. The energy of the five of cups in reverse confirms that you are in a moment of emotional healing, you recognize that you can’t do it alone. You are ready to ask for help. What ever has you sad right now, broken hearted, or disappointed--your guides are inviting you to try and find your silver lining. How can you be positive right now? What are you grateful for? What IS going well in your life right now? It is so easy to get caught up in the bullsh.. but can you find the goodness?



You are being called to tap into inner strength. Whatever you are feeling is lacking find your way out of it. Right now you need your strength more than ever as you move through this season. Stop giving your energy over to people who do not appreciate you. Stop considering people who do not consider you. Stop prioritizing people who don't make you a priority. How can you be more confident this week? Do you believe in yourself? Do you believe in your gifts? Do you believe in your capabilities? Do you know you have everything you need to get through this?



You are ready to give birth to something that promises to change your life. The shifts you are making are being celebrated. PRAISE ALL THAT IS GOOD! Connect to your creative side. Write the book, hire the life coach, launch the business, apply for the program. The energy of the empress is not solely nurturing, she is the epitome of abundance. Whatever you are dedicating yourself to right now will have great payoffs for you. Keep moving in the direction of your dreams.


Luz y progreso,





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ALICIA ANABEL SANTOS: Initiated Lucumi Iyalorisha Priestess, diviner, and esoteric with 17+ years of tarot reading experience. An Afrolatina Lesbian Storyteller, Performance Artist, Filmmaker, Producer, Playwright, Public Speaker, Activist, and Writing Midwife, celebrating and honoring Black and indigenous women across the diaspora. Proud Dominican Writer, Founder of Sankofa Sisterhood Writers Group, and owner of LASANTERA.NYC, an online Metaphysical Shop & Botanica. 🌟🔮✨


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