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La Santera Weekly Reading & Tarot Meditation

🔮✨ Welcome to the La Santera Weekly Reading & Tarot Meditation for September 4 through September 10! ✨🔮

As we step into this new week, let's harness the energy of the universe and dive deep into our spiritual journey. Join me in a sacred space of reflection and meditation as we navigate the path ahead. 🌟

🌙 **Weekly Reading**: Discover the insights and guidance that the cards hold for us in the coming week. The Tarot is a powerful tool to illuminate our path, and together, we will unlock its wisdom. Use the cards pulled for our weekly reading to meditate on or as journal prompts. Share in the comments what comes up for you this week.

🧘‍♀️ **Tarot Meditation**: Let us find peace and clarity utilizing the tarot.

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🌠 It's time to connect, grow, and ascend together. Don't forget to tag a friend who needs a little extra guidance this week.

May this week be one of growth, healing, and transformation. 🌈💫

Wisdom dispels ignorance

In Buddhism, wisdom is seen as a path to enlightenment, helping us to see the true nature of reality and liberates us from suffering. As we move this week we are invited to really consider what keeps us in suffering. What haven’t we moved through? What still has a hold on you? How can you get free? What does liberation look like for you? Acquiring knowledge means you are ready to understand something in a new way. You are ready to learn something knew. You are ready to dismantle outdated belief systems. Not only does this require discernment, but perspective. This week ignorance is not bliss. You are not getting a pass. We are all responsible for how we show up and what we choose to know.

Become the shelter for the world, a resting place for the broken and wounded; this is the true bodhisattva path

This message is not literal. For many of us there are people we cannot live with, and there are people we do not fck with. This message is inviting and encouraging us to cultivate compassion and selflessness. It suggests that the highest spiritual path is one where you not only seek your own liberation but also strive to be a source of support and solace for all sentient beings, especially those in need. Opening up your home doesn’t mean you’re letting just everybody in. How can you be a safe place for someone to land? How can you be a place of solace and comfort for others? How can you listen more? Pay attention this week for opportunities to really be there for someone.

In love, there is only room for love itself, no room for the logic of the mind

This is the idea that love, in its purest form, transcends all analytical thinking of the mind. It suggests that genuine love is unconditional and boundless, not subject to the limitations and judgments of thought. Love is not rational. This reflection aligns with the Buddhist notion of cultivating loving-kindness and compassion as a fundamental aspect of spiritual practice. This week I will love myself. This week I will love all things. This week I will practice the art of surrender anytime I feel fear in sharing or giving my love.


Move beyond ancestral patterns

Move beyond the limitation’s that have been set for you by family members past and present. Know that the energy of YOUR spirit is more powerful than genetics and behavioral patterns. You are being called to adapt to the changes that are showing up for you, the changes in the planet, changes in your family dynamic. The elder is a spirit guide who is an embodied soul who moves in the fullness of who they are. They are our elder for a reason. They move wisdom and experience. They have reclaimed their power, and they understand that nothing limits them. They trust that they are connected to source and it this knowing that makes them powerful. And they are here today to remind us to do the same.


Set your sights higher

Dream, bigger, believe more and trust often. Believe that nothing is impossible. Believe that you have a very specific mission. Pause for a moment this week to gaze at the stars and set your intentions. Pause to whisper your secrets to the universe and trust that the moment you proclaim what it is you truly desire, the universe will answer your call. You are so close don’t give up now.


Trust and thrive

Trust the messages that you have been receiving. Trust your gifts. Trust your strength. Trust that you were born to do something. Absolutely amazing. Be proud of who you are and all that it has taken for you to become this person you are today. This week as an opportunity for you to really move as the powerful being you are. There will be opportunities for you to speak up for yourself and to nudge the universe in your favor. May you see that everything is aligning perfectly. This is your season, you aren’t just surviving, you are thriving.

Star Ancestor

Follow the voice of your soul

I love this message. I love this card for us this week. This is a reminder that there are spirit guides and ancestors who are always walking with us, but this week there is one in particular who is interceding on our behalf. There is one ancestor who is at the center. There is one who is the star and who is shining a light on us. This ancestor is illuminating our path and showing us a different way of moving. A different way of seeing ourselves. A different way of tapping into our gifts. This spirit guide is guiding us on our journey and encouraging us to keep moving on this road. We are in our awakening. We are on the right path. This is the right course of action. Move forward with all the confidence in the world. Aché

High Priest

Intend and create

Recognize that you have the power to change your life. Today you are being called to face your fears and align with source, force, the universe. The high priest is a leader in their spiritual tradition. More than a practitioner they embody this priest, priestess energy. They respect the creator and all things. Everything that you put your attention to right now, everything that you put your focus into right now, everything that you put your hard work and dedication into right now will pay off because you understand that you are co-creating with God. What is your intention?


Unleash the wild Within

Unleash your talents, unleash your gifts. This week you are being given an opportunity to be wild to have fun. Use your hands. Build something. Make something. Remember, the rebellious parts of yourself where you didn’t give a FCK. You moved with confidence. Tap into this person, this wild version of yourself. Let go! Don’t hold yourself back! You are being encouraged now more than ever to go after what you want. Chase it! Chase your dream! Tap in to this she-wolf energy and refuse to let anyone stand in your way. Remove anyone that threatens your freedom or growth.

Luz y progreso,





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ALICIA ANABEL SANTOS: Initiated Lucumi Iyalorisha Priestess, diviner, and esoteric with 17+ years of tarot reading experience. An Afrolatina Lesbian Storyteller, Performance Artist, Filmmaker, Producer, Playwright, Public Speaker, Activist, and Writing Midwife, celebrating and honoring Black and indigenous women across the diaspora. Proud Dominican Writer, Founder of Sankofa Sisterhood Writers Group, and owner of LASANTERA.NYC, an online Metaphysical Shop & Botanica. 🌟🔮✨


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