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King of Swords + Not the One


Today I will use my logic. I am reminded to tap into my gifts. I finish everything I start. I make moves that are in alignment with my purpose and my values. Today I will remain calm.

The King of Swords in reverse is a strong male figure in your life someone with with morals and values who does not compromise anything for personal gain. He is not an emotional person. Certainly not someone you would turn to for counsel, but definitely someone who has your back. This is an authoritative person with good intentions. They definitely are someone who can help you reach your full potential.



🪬 DECK: Melanated Classic Tarot Deck by @oubria #melanatedclassictarot



King of Swords

You are being called to use your logic. You are being called to stay true to your intentions. You are being called to stand up for your beliefs. You are being called to be rational in your thoughts. There is someone in your life who is here to wreak havoc—they gotta go. This person is careless. This person is hurtful. This person is impulsive and controlled by their emotions. Be careful this could be someone who is emotionally, physically, and mentally abusive, they bring nothing but stress and disorder and despair. This is a king with no kingdom, no money, no future. This message is reminding you to hold out for the person who is meant to be in your life.


UPRIGHT: an astute man, elegant, powerful, a man of integrity, an authority, a leader, logical, fatherly, smart, successful, perseverance, intellectual high standards.

REVERSED: irrational, abuse of power, all bark, no bite, lack of morals, lack of values, without integrity, absent father, incredibly abusive, possessive and controlling

The answer to your question today is NO

The element is AIR

The planet they rule: URANUS

Sign and energy they move with: LIBRA



Today I will be mindful of who I share my life with. Today I will be mindful of who I share my dreams with. Today I will be mindful of who I share my love with.


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I love you,

Alicia +


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