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Five of Wands and Conflict


There is a conflict of interest. Today we are being called to surrender the need to be right. Today I raise my white flag. I will not allow for anyone to take my peace. My peace is mine. Today I am raising my vibration. Today I will acknowledge that internally i may be through an internal battle but I understand that this is temporary. Today I acknowledge the ways I have been out of alignment, and today I am intentional about returning to the practices that sustain me. Today I surrender all feelings of being overwhelmed, lost and confused-and am asking for clarity. Today I surrender exhaustion. Today I call forth vitality. Today I will focus on solutions. Today I surrender control. Today I will  allow the universe to take the lead. Today I will know that I have no need to argue or prove that I am right, especially when I’m right. Today I will remember that when I move from a place of peace I am free of chaos.

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There is a


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V of Wands

There is a conflict. There is a battle. There is something that is off. and doesn’t feel quite right. You are feeling uncertain about this next place. You’re feeling all over the place. You’re not sure which decision to make or which path to take. You’re overwhelmed and exhausted. Everyone wants something from you and you are out here playing the role of “the messiah” this ain’t it. Stop 🛑 trying to resolve everyone’s problems. The only person that you are being called to fix is YOU—the only thing you are being called to worry about is YOU! It is time to start allowing people to clean up their own mess, literally and figuratively. Everything is not a fcking fire and last time I checked you don’t work for the fire department, unless you do in which case pass the hose to someone else!


UPRIGHT: a battle, not playing nice, internal conflict, being out of alignment, worried, feeling, overwhelmed, mental physical, and spiritual exhaustion.

REVERSED: teamwork, harmony, ability to find solutions.

The answer to your question today is NO! But they need me? NO!  Am I at the right job? NO! Is the person right for me in this moment? NO! Should I call me ex? HELL NO!

The element is FIRE

The planet they rule: SUN

Sign and energy they moves with: LEO


Today I will honor what I came here to do. Today I refuse to fight. Today I will let it go. Today I call forth peace. Today I call forth relationships that are healthy and loving and respectful. Today I am calling on Spirit, to fill me and sustain me. Today I am working on me.

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Feb 10, 2023

Shanali as Guest- Takin an IG break so commenting my ”Ashe” here.

also that fire department part 😂 appreciate the laughter in the middle of facts.

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