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Five of Pentacles + Taurus

What’s up Taurus? How’s your heart today.


“Loving you is easy cause you’re beautiful.” — Minnie Riperton

If there is anyone who can teach you how to trust and walk with the word, it is spirit.

Today I am reminded that there is more to life than this. Today I am reminded of how special I am. Today I am reminded that THIS TOO SHALL PASS. Today I am reminded of who I am. Today I will remember that help is always available to me one prayer at a time. Today I will know that I have access to all of the gifts that I need. Today I will know that I have access to all of the tools I need to build my house. Yes, I have got the tools but I have to USE them. Today and everyday I know that I always know exactly what to do. I just need to trust myself and trust the ways I am being guided.



🪬 DECK: Melanated Classic Tarot Deck by @oubria #melanatedclassictarot



V - Five of Pentacles

Ask yourself: What am I learning from this hardship? What is the lesson for me? Where is my faith? Why am I feeling rejected? What is my relationship with money? What do I believe I deserve?


UPRIGHT: sickness, illness, strife, external/internal struggle, dire straits, homelessness, heartache

REVERSED: luck, triumph, life improving, finance improving, in recovery, things are looking up

The answer to your question today is NO! Is my life in alignment? NO. Is this the right decision for my life? NO. Will my life improve? NO—especially if you are unwilling to make the necessary changes spirit has been screaming at you to make.

The element is EARTH

The planet they rule: VENUS

Sign and energy they move with: TAURUS

Number: 5


Today I surrender all feelings of abandonment. Today I surrender all feelings of being ignored. Today I surrender all feelings of being left outside in the cold today. Today I choose to release the energy of not having enough that the five pentacles comes to show me, because what I choose to know is that this hardship is just showing me the victory that awaits me on the other side.

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I love you,


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In short, I feel like todays message is telling me that it’s time to let go.

I’ve been on go , running away and looking for distractions; today is the day I sit with it , and then release

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