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Death + Scorpio


I will not fear death. I will not fear the end of this chapter. Today I will honor the blessings that death has brought me. Today I will know that death is revealing to me what I am done with. Today I am ready to cut ties. Today I am ready to begin again. Today I am ready to allow the old beliefs to die. Today I ready to let go of toxic relationships. Today I let go of toxic people. Today I let go of low vibrational experiences. Today I am willing to cut out of my life all that doesn’t serve me. Today I am open to the cycle of death and it’s promise of renewal.



🪬 DECK: Melanated Classic Tarot Deck by @oubria #melanatedclassictarot



You have completed a cycle. You have passed this test. There is a reward after this trial. You are now ready to put the past behind you and cut out all the shit that doesn’t serve you. You are ready to allow all that must die to die. Today you are hosting your very own cutting chords ceremony. The death card is not to be feared, this is a message about transition and cycles ending. You are moving from one place to the next. Today you are being called to know that there are NO beginnings without endings.


UPRIGHT: Purity, sex, death, solitude, end of cycles, getting rid of excess, powerful movement, secrets, inevitability, desires of the flesh.

REVERSED: Why are you resisting change? Why do you fear new beginnings? Why are you repeating negative cycles?

The answer to your question today is YES! Is it over? YES.

The element is WATER

The planet they rule: PLUTO

Sign and energy they move with: SCORPIO

Number: 4


The old me has died. I am in my resurrection. I am in my rebirth. I am ready for this next place and today I move unafraid.

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