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Ace of Swords + Message from the Divine


The message today comes from none other than the creator themselves—the divine. The sword represents your thoughts, your beliefs, and your intellect. Are you clear about the decision that you were being called to make? Are you sure that what you are doing right now is what you were born to do?

Today is my opportunity to begin again. Today is my fresh start. Today I call forth the energy of Obatala. I ask for clarity. I call forth peace. I move steadfast, knowing that I am in perfect alignment. Today I am cutting all ties with the bullshit. Today I am not playing any games. Today I move with my sword—machetes up! Today I am not allowing anything to fck with my spirit, my vision or my purpose. This is my season! I receive all opportunities that are making their way to me—today! I receive ALL that is for my highest good—today! Today I will waste no more time. I am eyes wide open. There are no blocks. There are no obstructions. My paths are open. I am ready. Fck what you heard!!!



🪬 DECK: Melanated Classic Tarot Deck by @oubria #melanatedclassictarot



Ace of Swords

New beginnings, a sudden and unexpected opportunity, an idea, clarity.

The fog has lifted. It is a clear day. You are no longer lost. You no longer need to hold the pain. You have passed all of the tests. You have learned the lessons. You have released what no longer serves you. You have purged the bullshit. You are in your new season. It is done!. Do you understand how special it is to be receiving a message directly from the universe? From spirit? This is a confirmation that all of the hard work, everything that you’ve been doing to get to this point is reaping incredible and beautiful benefits.


UPRIGHT: clarity, solid decision making, a breakthrough, opportunities at every turn, Consciousness, your thoughts, your speech, telepathic, clairvoyance, leadership, execution, integration, endings, implementation, silence, discipline

REVERSED: too comfortable, indecisive,unproductive, mobility, irritation, destruction, missed opportunities, lacking discipline, careless with your thoughts, careless with your speech, ignoring the signs

The answer to your question today is YES!

The element is AIR

The planet they rule: VENUS

Sign and energy they move with: LIBRA

Number: 1, 3


Today I will keep my dreams to myself. I will move silently and intentionally. Today I will move slowly and with thoughtfulness. The ace of swords is reminding me of my internal strength, inner power and inner knowing. It speaks to my authority and my capabilities. My sword cannot be cut down and defends me always and in all ways. Today I choose carefully which sword to walk with. The sword represents my ability to use it in times of need. And today I will fight for what I believe in.


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I love you,



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