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Heart + Soul Circle Tonight (BLUE MOON)

Updated: Sep 3, 2023

Heart & Soul Spiritual Circle

Let's gather for a heart and soul check in. Join me TONIGHT! Wednesday, Aug. 30, 2023 at 8PM EST as we are honor the Blue Moon!

The zoom link will be emailed once you register. It will not be recorded. It’s part reading, part spiritual conversation, and mostly a meetup for soul connecting.

AUGUST CIRCLE - is a REFLECTION, RELEASE, REBIRTH candle ceremony. I will be lighting candles for all attendees present.

What is this Blue Moon and why should we care?

According to the moon will be opposite the sun at 9:36 p.m. EDT on Wednesday, Aug. 30!

What does it mean astrologically?

This super blue moon is in Pisces, emotions will be heightened, your intuition will be sharp, your desires clear, plenty of ideas to execute and vivid imagination. This blue moon invites us to really reflect. We are being called to be brutally honest with ourselves. We are no longer blaming others for what is happening or not happening in our lives. Under this moon we are making new commitments to our dreams and visions. We are aligning with our purpose. We are making decisions about our relationships. We are getting still and tending to the work!

Tonight, we honor this super moon with an evening of deep REFLECTION. Join us as we connect to the energy of the moon and the bonds that tie us together.

Tonight we are releasing connections that no longer serve us and attracting connections that will propel us towards prosperity.

One of the reflections for tonight: What is something you wanted 2 ½ years ago that has now fully manifested? (5 minutes of journaling without stopping)

Join us tonight @ 8:00PM (must be registered to participate)

About tonight:

We will be making moon water


Participating in a candle ceremony

Come ready to write, reflect and share.

There is no agenda just us spending some time together. I want to connect with and check in on you. I want to continue my work of being really intentional with my services and the truth is I am keeping my circle tight! The journey and “the work” requires a knowing when to serve others and when to take care of ourselves.



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