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Services available: Manuscript Review or 1 on 1 Coaching with the Writing Midwife




Manuscript Reviews: Alicia Anabel Santos will provide feedback on your entire manuscript (NO COPYEDITING). Review feedback will be sent via email at the completion of read. There will be NO one on one sessions unless you request that service (see website for more info on coaching). The turnaround time is six weeks. Manuscript Review is only available in ENGLISH. The typical reading rate is .035 per word. Manuscripts must be submitted electronically as a Word document (double-spaced, 12-point standard font). Payment is required once agreement is signed. 


This service is for writers who are ready for/have:

•   A complete read of the entire draft

•   Written feedback on a completed draft

•   Critique summary on an entire draft

•   No personal interaction/conversation with the Writing Midwife, Alicia Anabel Santos

•   Detailed review/beta-reading of a completed manuscript that has been through revisions and editing, and are being prepared for publication


Please note:

  • There will be no one on one discussion of the work (for coaching please visit website)

  • The manuscript review is not intended for discussing portions of a work-in-progress. For info on 1 on 1 coaching visit here**

  • Alicia Anabel Santos (Consultant/Writing Midwife) has no ownership interest in the author’s work; the author retains all rights, including copyright.

  • Opinions, feedback, critiques, and reviews reflect the experiences and preferences of the consultant. The author decides what feedback resonates with their work and writing style.


How to schedule a MANUSCRIPT REVIEW:

  • Once you have purchased the service please email: 

  • Send an email request for a Manuscript Review including the following:

    REQUEST FOR MANUSCRIPT REVIEW in the subject header.

    In the body of the email: Provide the length of your manuscript (word count and number of pages)

    Identify the genre of your manuscript

    Give a brief summary of your manuscript (synopsis)

    Attach the first ten (10) pages (double-spaced, 12-point standard font) of your manuscript

  • Once received, Alicia Anabel Santos will send you an agreement detailing cost and timeline. The decision whether or not to sign the agreement and begin working with ALICIA ANABEL SANTOS is up to you.

  • Once the agreement is signed and returned you will need to pre-pay the entire amount.

  • Once the manuscript is reviewed the work will be returned to the author. 




One-on-one writing sessions are designed for focused writing and coach feedback. Our sessions are one hour of writing and one hour of story building. One-on-one session are designed for writers who are ready to write their stories and need some support. One-on-one coaching is available in ENGLISH/SPANISH.


Who one-on-one coaching will benefit:

One-on-one sessions are ideal for writers with a work in progress.

One-on-one sessions are ideal for writers who are feeling blocked and need support with flushing out ideas. 

One-on-one sessions are for writers at all levels and genres (published & unpublished) are encouraged to apply.


Genres I am reading: Memoir, Fiction, TV scripts, Personal Narrative Essay, Plays, Novel, Short Story, Magical Realism, Speculative Fiction, and Historical Fiction  (NO POETRY)


At the end of three sessions writers will have at least 20 pages of a draft of their manuscript.


One hour session: $150 hr.

Buy 3 sessions get 1 FREE: $450


Writers will receive one-on-one feedback, suggested reading, editing, writing exercises and prompts.


Additional fee (.035 per word) of work you would like me to read your manuscript.

Manuscript Review/Writing Coach

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