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I am excited to announce that I created an EBO MOJO BAG for you to help you manifest what you actually desire. These were made with so much power, faith and love.


When working with the orisha messages will come up iré (blessings) or osogbo (misfortune). When we commune with egun and orisha we pray for guidance and protection, when the response is ire, we are excited because it seems that everything is aligned and we are on track, more often than not we are in osogbo—completely out of alignment and unsure what to do. When the response from spirit comes up osogbo there are things we must do to cleanse ourselves, to reverse what we perceive as bad luck—-this is what we call the EBBO. It is a spiritual offering and cleansing. Los espíritus nos dicen que una limpieza espiritual es necesario. 


Ebo Mojo Bag includes:

  • Hematite crystal
  • Moonstone crystal
  • Lapis crystal
  • White sage cluster
  • Osogbo reversal yerbas (packet includes a blend of: 7 Powers/siete potencias, quita maldicion, San Santiago, Curandero and San Miguel herbs)
  • Blessed spiritual bath “Sacudate” – Dust Yourself Off (4oz)


Healing properties for the crystals and items included in the EBÓ MOJO BAG:


Hematite contains iron. Use this crystal as a protective cloak, a force field. You can carry it with you, wear it on your body, meditate with it in your hands or place on your desk while you work. The hematite crystal will not only block any negative energy but it will send it back to the source. Hematite works with the Root Chakra in order to help you get and stay grounded. Maferefun Ogun


Moonstone is a merging of two minerals orthoclase (cooperative) and albite (stimulates the brain). Use this crystal for new beginnings. You are in an new chapter. You are ready to ask for what you need and are open to assistance from the universe. The moonstone brings good fortune, assists with spiritual insight (intuition) and connecting to ancestral wisdom.  Moonstone works with the Third Eye and Solar Plexus chakras. Maferefun Obatala


Lapis Lazuli this beautiful blue crystal symbolizes ancient wisdom and truth. Use this crystal to help manifest the vision. This crystal is connected to intellect and helps with finding solutions to lifes problems. This is the crystal of writers, lawyers, seekers, visionaries and creators. Wear or carry this crystal to help you communicate effectively. Lapis works with the Throat and Third Eye chakras allowing it to direct your path. Say what must be said and be very clear about what you are asking for. Maferefun Yemaya.


White sage cluster: Sage is an ancient indigenous practice. Take pieces of the sage and burn it over a small piece of charcoal. Burning “smudging” sage helps with depression. Sage helps to protect your home or office. The scent reverses and cleanses the stagnant energy in your space. You can burn sage as part of a spiritual practice to call forth more of what you want in life and clearing out the shit you don’t want. Use sage to attract what you deserve. Aché 


Ebo Mojo Bag $55 (+ S&H) *Limited supply* 


LIMITED SUPPLY -- All purchases must be made by September 8th. La Santera store will be closed until November 2021!

Ebo Mojo Bag

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