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La Santera's Spiritual Sets $73


Contents are fixed with hand made sigils and blessed. Get ready for the magic to unfold! These are all made to order with intention, specific to each client and may take up to 3 weeks to arrive.




ABUNDANCE The yellow candle represents Oshun and Chango, the goddess of love and the god of war are interceding on your behalf. Oshun sweetens the path while Chango's lightning clears out any threats to your success. Thoughts are powerful and so are words. You know the struggle--now it's time you know your worth. These candles have spiritual sigils marked for your protection. These spiritual sets are infused with so much love, faith and trust. With my ache’ and your personal intentions, there is nothing you cannot manifest. Whatever your spiritual journey, move with faith.


AFFIRMATION: I radiate love. I AM worthy. I AM whole. I AM complete. I lack nothing. The universe provides and I am open to the blessings. I stand in the fullness of who I was born to be. I am doing my life's work. I honor what I am here to do. I AM love. I AM light. I AM peace. I AM grateful. ----------------------------------

Abundance Candle

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