Meditation 10: The top of the mountain~

You’re standing at the top of a mountain…

What do you see?

Close your eyes and imagine that for a moment.

I’m standing at the top of the mountain.

What do I see?

I am climbing the mountain and I can see the top of it. I’m not quite there yet but it feels so close. I take a step… and I slip. I cut my leg wide open. It stings. I consider for moment going back down for help. But I see how high I’ve climbed. I’ve been scraped and cut open so many times climbing this damn mountain. But as I look down at how steep this mountain is and all that I have done and gone through to get this far I say myself, are you stupid? Hell no you’re not going back down! You have climbed so high… it’s a long drop to the bottom! You already know what’s at the bottom. Going back down would be me giving up. It would be me quitting before you have even arrived.

I am almost there…

So as my leg is burning from this last cut. I keep going. I keep moving. I keep climbing. My hand touches the top of the mountain and I pull myself to the top with all my might and I just stand there for a moment taking it all in…

THIS moment is unlike any moment I’ve ever experienced and the view from the top is amazing~

It has taken me forty years to get here and what I realize is that there is more mountain to climb~ take my hand!


I will not fear failure~

I will walk, climb and move my ass all the way up that mountain – one step at a time~ it does not matter how long it takes I will reach the top!

I have gotten this far and have much further to go but I am up for the challenge~

I will not give up~

I know you got me~

For that knowing I am so grateful~

And so it is~