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  • Writing from the Womb (WFW) ~ winter & spring!

  • Writing from the Womb Writers Retreat ~ October 2018

  • The Writer & The Story ~ coming fall 2018

  • 1-on-1 Writing Coach Sessions ~ ongoing

  • 30 Day Writing Challenges

  • Writing Cancer from the Body ~ coming fall 2018

  • Story for the Ages Creative Writing Workshop – For senior citizens

  • Strengthening the Writers Core

  • The Art of Storytelling ~ WFW

  • Rituals of Writing

  • Writing with Intention

Writing workshop fees vary – For inquiries contact Alicia

Writing from the Womb ~ is designed to push writers to connect to the heart of their story. This session of WFW will focus on goals, clear intentions and hard deadlines. There is some fear that rises with deadlines but also a tremendous amount of excitement if we allow it. We are being called to sit down and write the story. Our writing goal is to have at least 50 pages of NEW writing. Breathe. Don’t be afraid. Trust that I can hold you during this process. We all need support and someone cheering for us. Writing is not easy. But I believe in you and I know you can do this! I will gently, push you to dive deeper, to dig, and to really live inside your story. The Womb is a sacred place. The Womb is the place where we conceive and give birth to… an idea, a dream, a song or a story. The Womb is where the heart of our story is born and where we hold our truth and together we will write from this place. It is my privilege to be your Writing Midwife! Workshop focus: Birthing the Story. Who can attend: For writers at all levels / Cross genres

The Writer & The Story ~ Something has happened to our stories. Somewhere along our personal journey we were told to hold back, to carry shame, to keep quiet, to stay silent, to suffer alone and to blame ourselves. Somewhere along our journey we were convinced and believed that our stories did not have worth or that we were not capable or qualified to write our stories. There is healing that happens through storytelling. There is power in our words. It does not matter what story you intend to write. There is something we as writers all have in common, questions that constantly arise and life distractions that keep us from committing to the task at hand. Writing has the ability to reveal to us that which lives beneath the surface and resides in our wombs. Join me for The Writer and The Story, Aligning With Our Stories Intention! Who can attend: For writers at all levels / Cross genres

Strengthening the Writer’s Core! Is a writing workshop designed to build stamina, endurance and connect to inspiration that surrounds us. In this workshop we explore and define for ourselves what strengthening our core means to us personally. What does it mean to have a strong center? A “strong core” is a dance term and also popular with athletes. Every dancer with excellent technique has a strong core. This means that they have intense control of their body, and strengthening this core takes time. How can we apply this concept of a “strong writer’s core” to our practice? How are we taking care of our bodies? How are we coming to page? How are we seated at our desk? Strengthening the Writer’s Core is all about fortifying the internal nucleus which has effects on the external body. Who can attend: For writers at all levels / Cross genres


Story for the Ages Creative Writing Workshop ~ I really enjoy working with senior citizens. One of the things they always say to me is that they “love these workshops” they tell me, “we feel heard.” They have also shared how they appreciate “going down memory lane.” This is a community of writers who need programming like this. I believe that writing and creativity helps to keep us active and open. Writing is a way of communicating the things we have a hard time expressing and I love facilitating in spaces like these. It truly has been an honor for me. The writing workshops I facilitate help do away with assumptions about what our elders can and cannot do!  My seniors get to tell their stories their way. Some of the writing at times was triggering yet at the end of our session my seniors were grateful to have explored things they thought they had forgotten about or maybe never considered writing about. My seniors shared with me how much fun our activities were and how they felt free.

Write the Fucking Story ~ One of my writers said to me, “Alicia, I will always remember the day we were talking about my story and how you looked at me and told me to WRITE THE FUCKING STORY!” She told me that she would forever be grateful to me for saying those words to her. Write the Fucking Story! And she did! She wrote a kick ass story! So here we are years later. Her book is being turned into a film and she wrote that shit! She did it! I will forever be grateful to have played any role as a midwife. As a confidant. As a friend. As a sister. As a mentor. As a fellow writer. As a fellow woman of color. As a fellow lesbian. To see Meriam Rodriguez’s novel Adelina’s Perfect Girl not only be in print, but achieve the success that it has–is incredible. I am often surrounded by writers who “wish” they could have “that thing” to help THEM get to the finish line. And I’m here to tell you that “that thing” that you are looking for is only found in Writing the Fucking Story! There are no shortcuts. There is no magic pill we can take. There are no essays on craft that will help you get to the finish line–yes they can offer you advice. But only YOU can WRITE THE FUCKING STORY! Who can attend: This is an advanced writing workshop.


Death, Rebirth and Writing the Memoir ~ Writing her memoir almost killed her but she wrote it anyway—in a month. Alicia Anabel Santos will take you through the memoir writing process with gentle and not-so-gentle prompts and exercises that will help you dig for the stories that must be told. You’ll leave these workshops feeling like you can envision, outline and write your memoir with valuable tools to finish it. Alicia Anabel Santos is a writer and filmmaker as well as the creator of the New York City Latina Writers Group. She’s traveled throughout the world to study her craft. For writers at all levels.


Writing with Intention for Men ~ The Male Voice: I have designed a writing workshop for men and am looking very forward to collaborating with some talented male voices. In this six week workshop we get down to the business of writing. Here you will receive writing prompts and exercises to push you further in your writing practice. This workshop is about Writing with an Intention! Do you have a clear intention when you come to the page? Do you know what the purpose and message of the piece is? Do you have a clear point of view? What is the heart of your story? In this workshop we will begin at the start, exploring our writing styles and processes, discovering and listening to our voices, surrendering and trusting the process, story structure, poetry, re-writes and all that it takes to arrive to completion. It is about being clear on what we are here to do and getting right down to it! The intention for this workshop is to welcome you into a sacred space for men where we will gather, create, share and write the stories we were born to tell. At the end of six weeks you will have more than 20 pages towards a manuscript. 


Here is what writers are saying about the Writing the Male Voice Workshop:
“From the moment I walked through that doorway I felt I had entered a safe place. Although I’m always prepared to shake hands and move on, nothing beats a warm hug and a quick kiss on the cheek that to me says “Estas en casa” more clearly than the actual words ever could. Any remnants of anxiety dissolved after reading our first exercises out loud, so I thank you for not just your approach to your amazing exercises but your sensitivity to the participants as well. Your writing workshop for men was a fantastic experience for someone like me who does not consider himself a writer but really enjoys writing. It was both a pleasure and an honor to have been part of your first men’s writing group, and I do look forward to doing it again.”


The Heart of The Story ~ a writing workshop celebrating the art of storytelling as a tool to heal communities and ourselves. Come write your stories. All levels. All genres are welcome.

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