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La Santera?

My name is Alicia Anabel Santos. Before you move any further it is important you know several truths about me. All of who I am is credited to the spiritual work that I have dedicated my life to. I could not be a writer, producer, playwright, speaker, activist, teaching artist or priestess in the Lucumi-Ifa-Regla de Ocha tradition without having had to scrape myself off of the floor in order to do the endless soul work of healing my trauma. I published a memoir titled Finding Your Force A Journey to Love and I am often asked if I have found it. The answer is that I am still looking. Within these pages you will find that my work meets at the intersections of radical self-love, community service, and sharing my gifts as LA SANTERA!

Allow me to be a guide, as you manifest your highest vibrations and move towards having the life you deserve through writing, spiritual counsel, discipline and practice.

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Blessings from La Santera