Each Spiritual Bath is 4oz (makes 3 baths)

Each bath comes with instructions for use. Product personalization is available upon request. Please contact me to add names, specific spells, etc. (Additional Fees may apply). When placing your order please advise if the bath is for you, a loved one or is a cleansing for your home or workspace.




New Moon / Full Moon Ritual Bath: Each month we get to hit reset and begin again. This bath is intended to use during the new or full moon energy for restoration, to detox, and to recharge. This bath ties in nicely with new moon or full moon rituals. 


Caminante: This spiritual cleansing is for opening and closing paths. What do you desire? What are you trying to call forth. What would you like to release? Maferefún ELLEGUÁ, el que cierra y abre camino. 


Peace & Clarity: This spiritual cleansing is for attracting more peace, more calm, more harmony and to connect more deeply to spirit. Maferefún OBATALA. 


Love & Manifestation: This spiritual cleansing is infused with goddess of the river energy. With this bath we are calling forth abundance, love, opportunity, creativity and success. She is the goddess of LOVE and we are calling on Ochun to guide us. Maferefún OCHÚN


Mother Earth: This spiritual cleansing calls on the goddess of the ocean Yemaya to aid us with being more open, more fluid, more grounded, more receptive and trusting in what the universe is bringing to us. Maferefún YEMAYA


La Muerte: This spiritual cleansing is about death, mourning and loss. With every ending there is a new beginning. With this bath you are ready to let go of what does not serve you. We are allowing the old to die. We are getting out of our own way. Maferefún OYA


Vencedor/Victorious: This spiritual cleansing is about victory. You are getting ready for battle, you are going for that new job, you are making huge shifts in your life, and you are calling forth that Changó energy! Maferefún CHANGÓ 


Dream Catcher: This spiritual cleansing is a soothing bath. It is infused with powerful intentions for dream manifestation. Use in the bath or to bless your home. Olokum is the keeper of secrets, your deepest desires are heard in silence and with focused intention you will see your dreams come true. Maferefún OLOKUM


The Crucible: This spiritual cleansing is intended to push us, inspire us and give us energy. Use this bath if you are feeling blocked and need strength to get through these tests and trials. Ochossi is the HUNTER and always makes his mark. He is is all about precision and focus and Oggun is the God of Iron, he is dedicated to hard work, completion and execution. Maferefún OCHOSSI. Maferefún OGGUN


  • All baths start at $15 each
  • 2 baths for $25  / 3 baths for $40
  • + Shipping & Handling

Two Spiritual Baths


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