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Family, I am offering specialty candles on a need base only. These are NOT candles made in large quantities. These candles are prepared and blessed for matters that require spiritual assistance. These candles require sacred wood (palos belonging to the orisha) and again will be made sparingly. (First come first serve).


If you need something spiritual urgently please email me using the contact form.


In honor of the deities who are honored during the month of September I have prepared candles in honor of Yemaya, Ochun, and Obatala using the palos De los Santos.


Maferefun Yemaya - palo abre camino

Maferfun Ochun - palo llamao

Maferefun Obatala - palo vencedor


These palos are sacred and used in ceremony. I have created these candles to help you fight urgent spiritual battles.


Email me with you special request for a fixed candle.

Trabajos Rápidos - Made to Order Candles

Made to order: Made to order
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