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As a performance artist, I am available to read from my memoir, share some of my poetry and excerpts from my one woman show I WAS BORN. My subjects of interest are Black and Latino Studies, Women’s Issues, Film, Writing, Social Justice, Human Rights, Identity (racism/discrimination), Gender Studies and LGBTQ Issues. Some examples of talks are: Decolonizing Latinidad, Embracing Ancestral African Religious Traditions, Spiritual Liberation, Healing Anti-Blackness, Identity, Sexuality and Intergenerational Trauma.  I have presented to over 35 universities throughout the United States. Afrolatinos has been screened at the United Nations in honor of the International Decade for People of African Descent. Currently we are screening at film festivals and universities all over the world. The documentary was met with two sold out viewings at the Pan African Film Festival this year alone. Fresh off of a trip to Valencia, Spain in honor of the International Day for Women of African Descent, I am now scheduling college visits for Hispanic Heritage Month, Caribbean Week and Black History/Heritage Month.


AFROLATINOS: THE UNTAUGHT STORY is the story of the estimated 150 million Afrodescendants dispersed throughout Latin America who have been excluded from historical narratives, literature and academia. With the United Nations declaring 2015-2024, the International Decade of People of African Descent, including Latinos in the discourse is revolutionary and important. Afrolatinos takes you on a journey throughout Spanish and Portuguese speaking nations as we learn about their respective histories, religions, music, dance and numerous contributions. We hope this documentary will empower Afrolatinos, start a dialogue, create awareness, promote change and help give voice to a community that has been silenced and historically marginalized.


Please contact me for rates and more details.

Please check out this documentary for more info.



  • Keynotes
  • Film screening/discussion
  • Readings
  • Class visits
  • Performances
  • Panels
  • Workshops Screening of Afrolatinos The Untaught Story

Speaking Engagement

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