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PLEASE NOTE FIRST BATCH SOLD OUT IN THE FIRST 30 MINUTES! I wholeheartedly believe that there are shitty people out in the world. There are people who are cruel, people who have the worst of intentions. There are people who curse us just by saying our names. I was called to prepare a reversal (black candle) to send these curses back. I don’t believe in cursing anyone. I will never do that kind of work for anyone. However, I do believe in karma. I do believe that we are battling shit that we cannot always see, yet we can FCKING feel it. Spirit called me to make these for you. Believe me when I tell you these candles are no joke!


These RETURN TO SENDER candles are prepared with six very specific sigils to arm and protect you! They done fcked with the right one! Aché

Return to Sender (Reversal Candle)

$93.00 Regular Price
$73.00Sale Price
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