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I am excited to announce that I created the ARREBATO SPIRITUAL HERBS bag for you to snatch back what has been taken from you. We are taking back what is rightfully ours.


When working with the orisha messages will come up iré (blessings) or osogbo (misfortune). When we commune with egun and orisha we pray for guidance and protection, when the response is ire, we are excited because it seems that everything is aligned and we are on track, more often than not we are in osogbo—completely out of alignment and unsure what to do. When the response from spirit comes up osogbo there are things we must do to cleanse ourselves, to reverse what we perceive as bad luck—-this is what we call the EBBO. It is a spiritual offering and cleansing. Los espíritus nos dicen que una limpieza espiritual es necesario. 


Arrebato Bag includes:

  • Seven different herbs TBA

Arrebato Spiritual Herbs

SHIPPING:  All items ship the week of August 7th, 2023
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