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Three of Wands & Making Moves


Today I am being called to go further, to push a little harder, and not give up. I am reminded that I have all I need to go the distance. What is required of me right now is patience, courage, discipline, and a willingness to expand. Today I will know that my spirit guides are asking me, “Where have you always wanted to go? What have you always wanted to do?” Today they want me to know that I am being called to go right now. It’s time to take that trip. It’s time to take the risk. It’s time to move in the direction of my dreams. This is a time of great exploration in my life and I am excited for this adventure. Today I will plan. Today I will take one step. Today I will say yes.



🪬 DECK: Melanated Classic Tarot Deck by @oubria #melanatedclassictarot



III of Wands

What are you waiting for? The energy you’re being called to move with today is of someone who is finally ready to take action. You are not waiting for permission. You are not waiting for validation. You are someone who has released and surrendered their fear of failure. You are someone who believes that the universe is conspiring (always and in ALL WAYS) in helping you to achieve that which you desire.

KEY WORDS: It is time to go. I wait for no one. It’s time for me to keep it moving. The energy of this message is travel, forward movement, creating a plan, executing the plan. This is a time of tremendous adventure. There are no road blocks.

UPRIGHT: leaving, going for it, the explorer, the adventurer, traveling the world, forward, movement, careful, planning, taking action.

REVERSED: no plan, no direction, afraid of adventure, afraid to travel, stuck in a rut, full of self-doubt, filled with regret, assumes the worst, believes they will fail.

The answer to your question today is a YES! If you don’t believe in yourself, who will?

The element is FIRE

The planet they rule: MARS

Sign and energy she moves with: ARIES


I am prepared for what lies ahead. The THREE OF WANDS affirms that I am successful in all areas of my life. Today I will know that what is required of me is action, commitment, consistency, a plan, to find balance, and take risks. My spirit guides are asking me to step up--they are asking me if I am willing to leave the comforts of what is familiar? Am I willing to go alone?

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I have to move. I an not new to moving, but this time felt like my chest was being ripped open. Probably should have committed to it months ago. Didn't realize how much I was digging my heals in not wanting to leave all that is so familiar to me.

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