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There is Power in the Words We Choose to Speak to Ourselves and Others. ~ Ep. 476

You Have Always Possessed the Power You Seek ~ Ep. 476 (part 2)

Today I bring you into my very private practice of prayer and self-love. The power that you’re seeking you already hold. There is great power in the words that we speak to ourselves and in the ways we love and hate our selves. Our conditioning and programming has done a number on some of us. Many of us are ready to re-write our narratives and cut the chords to our generational trauma. It is our birthright to know that we are beautiful even with our imperfections.

Prayer I quote is from author: Don Miguel Ruiz, Mastery of Love and The Four Agreements.



Did La Santera answer all of your questions? How was the reading? 

La Santera answered my questions clearly where I had the feeling like she knew me and we have never met. The reading was very spot on, very clear, very direct to what and how I was feeling.

What did you feel receiving messages online? Do you like the YouTube format?

I was nervous at first doing a reading online, but La Santera’s format is very private. She makes you feel comfortable and she is very welcoming.

Would you hire La Santera again?

I would definitely hire La Santera again and again!

Would you refer La Santera to a friend? 

Yes! I actually have referred La Santera to two friends already and am hoping they follow through cause it will definitely be beneficial for them.

Clients additional thoughts and comments:

La Santera please continue your service. The level of comfort I felt with my reading brought back the comfort I always had with my abuela and that’s exactly what I needed. Thank you and peace, love and many many blessings. ~ Kourtnae


Once payment is made, you can submit your questions. Provide your full name and date of birth. Choose how many cards you would like pulled. I will record the reading and send you a link to your private video.I want you to think of questions or areas of your life you would like the reading to focus on. Send me your questions and I will meditate on them and send your reading within 24 hours. 


$15 (one card reading-15 minutes)

$35 (three card reading-25 minutes)

$90 (nine card spread-45 minutes)

Tarot deck: New Orleans Voodoo Tarot | by Martinie and Glassman

Keep ASCENDING! Wishing you peace, love and prosperity! 


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