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King of Wands (reversed)


What am I gaining by forcing things? What have I learned from being impulsive? How have I broken promises? Today I will practice mindfulness. Today I will check my controlling nature at the door. Today I am checking my energy. Today I am working on the ways I have been overbearing. Today I will know that I can surrender control, (spirit) has a better way for me. Spirit is the way. Today I will be careful how I use my power so as to not burn all of this down to the ground.



🪬 DECK: Melanated Classic Tarot Deck by @oubria #melanatedclassictarot



King of Wands (reversed)

This is a wonderful time to get your stuff together. If you have been looking for a sign or to be checked for your lack of commitment— here it is. The old ways are not working. The old behaviors are not working. The old beliefs are not working. Your spirit guides are calling on you, begging you to honor what you came here to do. It’s time to get organized. It’s time to get clear. It’s time to create a plan and follow it through. You are such a creative being use your gifts. It’s time.


UPRIGHT: strategic, creative energy, tapped into source, gets what the want, self assured, creates a plan and executes the plan, protective, innovative, inspiring

REVERSED: unorganized, no plan, no direction, unfocused, lacks discipline, lacks follow through, impulsive, broken promises, extremism

The answer to your question today is YES! Is it time? YES. Should I go for it? YES.

The element is FIRE

The planet they rule: JUPITER

Sign and energy they move with: SAGITTARIUS



My future is safe. I am secure. I am firmly planted and know exactly where I am headed. I am willing to grow. I am willing to stretch myself beyond my comfort zone. I am willing to surrender all self sabotaging beliefs. I am calling forth creativity in all of its forms.

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I love you,



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