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I know hustle! I know fear!

Dear Beloved Community, I hope this newsletter finds you held, guided, surrounded by love, ready for the winds of change and transformation. Today, I stand before you not as the same girl from yesterday but as someone different, grounded, anchored, awakened, and committed. These past few months of solitude have taught so much about myself and what I truly am capable of when I focus and allow myself to be guided. These past few months have gifted me so much growth in terms of how I tend to my work. These past two months ALICIA THE WRITER is taking center stage! This path of transformation has led me to confront my own fears and beliefs, especially those surrounding money. You are not alone when I say, “The struggle is real! I get it! I see you! And I know hustle! I know fear! I know eviction! I know hunger!” I know what it is to constantly be searching for the next thing—the next hustle—the next contract—the next gig. I have even compromised myself and done things out of alignment with my highest purpose. And although there are things I have gotten WRONG, the one thing I’ve gotten RIGHT is my level of commitment to myself and what I came here to do. Everyday I receive signs that I am doing exactly what I came here to do. WHY COMMITMENT IS IMPORTANT I will forever be indebted to that angel who showed up in my life in the moment when I hit rock bottom and she asked me after making one of the biggest mistakes of my life, “Alicia, now what? Now what are you going to do.” I dried my tears, wiped the snot from my nose and told her with all the confidence I could muster—I AM GOING TO NEW YORK! I am going to continue in pursuit of my dreams. (If you want to learn more about this story, purchase my memoir Finding Your Force A Journey to Love). It was she who taught me the importance of COMMITTING! A commitment not only to the outside world but to oneself, to one's spirit, and to the craft that we hold dear. This commitment has become my guiding light, my North Star, leading me toward a profound transformation. WHY PURSUING YOUR PURPOSE IS CRUCIAL In the quest to honor this commitment, I have rediscovered my true purpose, and it has become the driving force in my life. Pursuing one's purpose is not just an aspiration; it is a necessity for a life well-lived, for a soul fulfilled. Now, let's talk about some major changes around here: SABBATICAL IN 2024 From January 2024 to January 2025, I will be taking a sabbatical, an essential step on my journey to focus on my writing. As a result, some significant changes will take place: The La Santera Store is CLOSED This will be your last opportunity to acquire my products and services for quite some time as I shift my focus to prioritize my art. Classes and Workshops These will become intimate, curated events, popping up sporadically throughout the year. Heart & Soul Spiritual Circles They will be scheduled in advance for the year but with limited access to me. Candle Ceremonies and Rituals These will be canceled for the year. REMAINING EVENTS FOR 2023 Don’t fret my pet, beautiful community, for 2023 still has much in store: Palo Mayombe—Class Description: Dive into the mystical world of Palo Mayombe and discover the wisdom of this ancient spiritual practice. Tuesday, October 24th 8:00PM EST VIA ZOOM - REGISTER HERE Return to Sender: Cutting Chord Ceremony Description: Release the ties that bind you and experience the transformative power of our Cutting Chord Ceremony.

*Prescreening questionnaire must be filled out to be invited. COMPLETE HERE Friday, October 27th 8:00PM EST VIA ZOOM NOVEMBER EVENTS: Save the Date Heart & Soul Spiritual Circle - 11/7 Introduction to Regla de Ocha - 11/13 DECEMBER EVENTS: Save the Date Road Opener Ceremony - 12/12 Saint Lazarus Candle Ritual - 12/17 Heart & Soul Spiritual Circle - 12/20 I invite you all to join me in these upcoming events, to witness the transformation, and to experience the power of commitment to one's purpose. It is my sincere hope that these changes will bring us all closer to the essence of our true selves. Luz y progreso! Love, La Santera PSS. Family, I pray you consider becoming a patron of my art. Please share my GoFundMe! Thank you so much for your donations. I am grateful for your support. Please continue to spread the word. Thank you for believing in me. DONATE HERE!


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